Concentra Expands Network and Telemedicine Service

Concentra, a division of Select Medical, is a leading occupational health provider offering employer services that include work injury treatment and prevention, physical exams, drug testing, physical therapy, and telemedicine. Concentra’s more than 520 medical centers and 120 onsite centers address workers’ compensation needs with patient-centered care. 

In September, the company announced the acquisition of Irwindale Industrial Clinic in Irwindale, California. As part of this acquisition, Irwindale Industrial Clinic became Concentra Irwindale Arrow Highway. In August the company announced the acquisition of Fox Occupational in San Bernardino, California. As part of this acquisition, Fox Occupational became Concentra San Bernardino Camino Real. In both cases, work injury care, physical therapy, and other employer-related health services continue to be provided to patients. In addition to these services, patients of the clinics now have access to telemedicine for minor work injuries, rechecks, and more.

Since 2017, Concentra Telemed has been utilized by employers of all sizes and in many industries as a treatment option for employees with occupational injuries. The telemedicine solution provides workforces access to Concentra’s nationwide staff of licensed clinicians. These clinicians specialize in treating employees with occupational injuries or illnesses. Concentra Telemed clinicians are also adept at providing treatment using secure, video-chat technology. 

In October, the company expanded its telemedicine footprint by making its video health platform, Concentra Telemed, available in Alabama, Mississippi, and West Virginia. With the latest expansion, Concentra’s occupational telemedicine presence now spans 42 states and Washington, D.C. Since its launch, employers have found Concentra Telemed to be a valuable and reliable alternative to in-person care provided at a Concentra medical center. The exceptional care experienced by injured employees who have utilized Concentra Telemed reinforces the stance that integrating telemedicine into a workers’ compensation program can be highly advantageous to both employers and their employees.

“Telemedicine continues to be a great option for patient care in terms of efficiency, access, and quality for the right injury,” according to Ann Schnure, Concentra Vice President of Telemedicine Operations. Telemedicine “allows injured employees who are not comfortable with an in-person visit to be seen.”

Concentra Telemed is used to treat employees with certain initial work injuries such as grade I/II strains and sprains, repetitive-use injuries, and bloodborne pathogen exposures. Injured employees also use the telemedicine platform to receive injury rechecks and attend physical therapy sessions. In 2020, Concentra expanded the platform’s capabilities to offer additional video health services such as a return-to-work evaluation following a diagnosis of or potential exposure to Covid-19. Employers also have the option to transfer care of an injured employee from another care provider to Concentra, allowing the injured employee to use Concentra Telemed to resume treatment. 

Concentra has long been known as the premier provider of occupational health services delivered through an extensive network of more than 500 locations that include an office at Hacienda. Through its affiliated clinicians, the company offers quality, efficient medical care to meet the needs of employers and their employees at convenient times and locations. 

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