Dynamically Speaking Offers Leadership Coaching and More

In 2004, Surina Piyadasa launched Dynamically Speaking with a singular purpose: to empower CEOs, executives, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors to inspire action by speaking with confident voices. Since its founding, Dynamically Speaking has partnered with more than 3,700 CEOs, C-suite executives, serial entrepreneurs, and investors across diverse industries, from start-ups to billion-dollar companies. In addition to presentation coaching, the company understands how global leaders are thinking about digital transformation to drive innovation. As a result, clients often use  Dynamically Speaking as an extension of their strategic communications team.

"Inspiring customers to be their best as speakers is my passion," says Piyadasa. "Using a holistic, outcome-driven process, I'll analyze a client's visual, vocal, and verbal behaviors. This includes body language, eye contact, handshake, facial expression, composure, vocal tone, and listening skills. From there, we'll adjust as needed to optimize audience engagement."

As a commercial actor representing market-leading brands on-camera, Piyadasa can offer clients proven theatrical techniques to help calm stage fright, stay present, and deliver technical content with empathy. Dynamically Speaking offers its clients other services as well. Through Dynamically Speaking's executive network, clients may benefit from introductions to attract investor interest, find new customers, identify alliance partners, raise capital, sell a business, expand distribution reach, and recruit talent. Dynamically Speaking also sources high-value speaking engagements for clients to elevate their visibility as thought leaders.

Every client receives care from a senior communications professional with deep expertise and empathy that bring out a client's best. Each customized program aligns with the unique personalities, strengths, leadership development, and communication goals of each client. Dynamically Speaking is the only nationally recognized professional training and coaching boutique to earn the coveted Spectrum Award from City Beat News for "Excellence in Customer Satisfaction" six years in a row. The company offers coaching in person, by phone, and via videoconferencing.

"Being an entrepreneur, I enjoy helping founders and start-up teams tell their stories," she says. "They tend to be smart, analytical, and sometimes introverted. Tapping into the power of storytelling makes data come to life for their audiences."

One client, a brilliant and introverted founder of a fintech start-up, came to Dynamically Speaking for help after he was selected to present at an important industry event. His challenge was to simply and compellingly present his company’s complex business model in only seven minutes. Dynamically Speaking helped this nervous client learn many new skills, including how to look poised and confident during the presentation; command the stage with energy and enthusiasm; project power, presence, and warmth; create a “wow” moment on stage; explain why his start-up solves problems better than industry incumbents; and to clearly communicate the start-up’s revenue model. Based on the client’s presentation, his start-up received the Best in Show award, and his company attracted investment from 500 Startups after the event.

Dynamically Speaking has stayed true to its customer-first focus, serving leaders and teams in 23 industries across the U.S. and Canada. Hacienda has been home to Dynamically Speaking since 2006. “Close to restaurants, coffee shops and freeway access, Hacienda has proven to be a good strategic location,” notes Piyadasa. “C-suite leaders pressed for time love the flexibility to meet with their Executive Coach in a private Hacienda conference room, in their company office, or remotely.”

For more information about Dynamically Speaking, please visit www.dynamicallyspeaking.com.

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