First Edison Develops Commercial Solar Solutions

Over 30% of energy used by commercial buildings is wasted, according to First Edison. First Edison is focused on changing that by providing commercial energy solutions to mid- and large-sized commercial, industrial, and manufacturing clients. Building on expertise gained over two decades, First Edison develops clean, reliable solar power solutions that often solve complex energy issues. This hybrid clean energy company specializes in managing and minimizing energy costs for its customers.

Veeva Systems is one example. The company, which is headquartered at Hacienda, needed help with a leaky roof and an outdated, poorly functioning solar array, according to Bob Chaudhuri, First Edison CEO. “We were able to help them solve both issues with a new roof and updated, more efficient solar array.” 

The company has provided a broad range of solar solutions to utilities, municipalities, industrial companies, and other organizations. They include ground mount, rooftop, carport, tracking, and integrated energy storage solutions.

Chaudhuri recommends that companies consider using the rooftops and parking areas of their buildings as valuable extensions of their inside work spaces. Existing rooftops can provide “economical, clean, renewable energy,” he notes. So can outdoor parking lots. First Edison customer Manheim Automotive, in Hayward, added a large solar carport to its business property. Now the carport provides energy as well as shade and rain protection for drivers using the carport.

Customers can increase energy savings by adding a storage component to their commercial solar system. Solar energy storage is a three-step process. First, excess solar energy is stored in batteries during daylight hours. Second, state-of-the-art software monitors and optimizes energy usage. Third, the stored energy is released as needed. That may be during night hours, at peak times when rates are right, or to avoid moving into higher energy rate brackets.

Renewable Solar Energy is more affordable than ever, according to Chaudhuri, who says “solar still continues to enjoy tremendous tax incentives. Companies that have looked at solar systems before may want to look again as energy prices have and are increasing, solar system costs have come down, and tax incentives are still in place.”

Customers can have First Edison set up a complete energy monitoring and control platform, which allows them complete visibility and control over energy usage. For financing, customers can use existing credit facilities or choose First Edison’s property-based or power-purchase-based capital financing solutions. The company offers an efficient financing process and a reliable funding source for commercial-scale energy projects, Chaudhuri notes.

First Edison moved to Hacienda in 2017 for its central location and great work environment, according to Chaudhuri. Energizing a sustainable world is First Edison’s mission; what makes it special is customer communication, putting customers first, and fulfilling its promises, he says. The company and its employees also support Tri-Valley nonprofit Habitat for Humanity.

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