SCS Engineers Announces SCS MobileTools Data Transfer Application

SCS Engineers is an environmental consulting and contracting firm serving public and private clients across the nation and around the world. The firm's core capabilities are in solid and hazardous waste management, renewable energy, remediation, and environmental compliance. SCS Engineers works to prevent, mitigate, and remediate environmental events, and uses its environmental regulatory systems knowledge to help shorten project timelines and stay on budget.

The SCSeTools platform and applications help facilities operate more efficiently by continually gauging operational health and spot trends that help determine when and how to invest in infrastructure. Earlier this year, the firm announced the release of its iOS and Android application SCS WDT for wireless data transfer of landfill flare readings to mobile devices. The app expands the power of SCS MobileTools to observe system and environmental activity securely and in real-time.

Today's landfill gas flares collect data using a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. The flare's SCADA system records data at preset intervals generating hundreds of thousands of readings to process and analyze. Often data is stored on a data card at the flare site. A technician collects the data by transcribing it into a log or digitally reading it, then transferring the reading to a computer. The data is then uploaded into the landfill's database for analysis and reporting.

The process, with its multiple steps, is slow and open to human error. In contrast, SCS WDT digitally collects flare readings directly into a mobile device and into SCS DataServices in seconds. The application's interface provides secure access to information that drives critical operating decisions and collects historical data for trends, corporate directives, and landfill gas Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring programs.

Landfill managers and environmental engineers can monitor flares in real-time, seeing exceedances immediately. SCS WDT also uses GPS to capture the exact physical location of flares and place the data into the appropriate landfill's site location. Flare readings are available, literally in seconds, for review, analysis, and corrective action if needed. Pilot testing at 30 landfills nationwide demonstrates that SCS WDT saves time and errors by removing extra steps and people in the progression; there is no need to wait until the end of a technician's shift to transfer readings or have extra hands in the process.

SCS DataServices, a secure web-based landfill gas management application, is part of the SCSeTools platform in use at hundreds of landfills and backed by over 50 years of landfill design, operation, and maintenance experience. SCS Engineers understands how unique landfill operations are today, so SCS WDT works as a standalone application with other platforms. It is free to users of SCSeTools.

SCS Engineers' environmental solutions and technology directly result from the firm's experience and dedication to industries responsible for safeguarding the environment as they deliver services and products. The firm celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2020, the year it opened an office at Hacienda. Its headquarters is located in Long Beach; additional offices can be found throughout the United States.

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