Dynamically Speaking Clients Learn to Soar as Speakers

The mission of Dynamically Speaking is to empower executives to speak with strong voices that uplift humanity, according to Founder, CEO, and Lead Coach Surina Piyadasa. The former technology banker has years of experience in helping executives successfully hone their public speaking skills for pitching investors, media interviews, and other high-stakes engagements. The firm's services include customized professional training and coaching solutions that help clients conquer public speaking fear, project executive presence, understand their audience, craft customized content, lead effective team meetings, gain support for their ideas, and much more.

"The Bay Area is seeing its share of lay-offs and restructurings as a result of business and digital transformation," says Piyadasa. "This has created more opportunities to help displaced executives with resume refinement, interview preparation, and networking training. After being in a leadership position for many years, a displaced executive may find the transition to job seeker humbling and emotionally difficult. With empathy and a high-touch coaching approach, I'll often tap into my extensive executive-level network to help them find an unpublished opportunity they can't find on their own. This is part of my work to enhance the success of every client."

Dynamically Speaking is the only nationally recognized professional training and coaching boutique to earn the Spectrum Award from City Beat News for "Excellence in Customer Satisfaction" nine years in a row. Last year, for example, Piyadasa worked with a firefighter lieutenant from Ohio who wanted public speaking guidance for a speech to first responders on mental health awareness. Piyadasa and her client worked together to fine-tune his executive presence, narrative, and delivery style.

"Every coaching engagement is personalized," notes Piyadasa. I was astonished to learn that more firefighters commit suicide than die in the line of duty each year, with many deaths going undetected. With some coaching, Tommy was able to transform what might have been a gloomy story into one of hope and healing. Today, he is speaking in front of large audiences, and I couldn't be prouder of him."

The firm opened its office at Hacienda in 2006, which was a good business decision, according to Piyadasa. "Pleasanton is a vibrant city close to major freeways, public transportation, and many good restaurants. The office space is modern, with an ample parking lot and amenities that add to its professional look and feel." The firm plans a future office in Idaho to serve new executive clients. "I'm passionate about finding ways to add value to the start-up community, whether it be in California or Idaho."

As a volunteer business advisor, the CEO supports Eden Area Regional Occupation Program in the East Bay with programs that prepare students for career success in a digital economy. When it comes to success, Piyadasa also encourages executives preparing for a high-stakes talk or job interview to book a free consultation on the firm's website.

Dynamically Speaking's CEO reminds clients that a good story told well has the power to sway hearts and minds. "It is critical to understand that our words have power," she says. "They have the ability to unite, encourage, and heal. They can divide, discourage, and injure all in the same sentence. It is up to us to choose our words carefully if we want to bring out the best in ourselves, others, and our community."

For more information about Dynamically Speaking, please visit www.dynamicallyspeaking.com or www.linkedin.com/in/surinapiyadasa-executive-communications-strategist-consultant.

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