Published August 18, 1998
Volume 6, Number 8

Hacienda's Security Program Adds to Park's Safety 

The Pleasanton Police Department is not alone in their goal of keeping Hacienda a safe place in which to work. 

The Hacienda security program, directed by the Hacienda Owners Association, puts security officers in the park 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

The main purpose of the Hacienda security force is to help deter crime by being highly visible. Routine security duties maximize visibility through a combination of stationary and mobile patrols covering the entire park. 

Security officers are also available to park tenants and businesses to help with nuisance issues, suspicious activities, and personal assistance. 

Hacienda's security officers also serve as a liaison with the designated security coordinator in each business. 

Reaching a security officer is easy. Simply call the Security Hotline number, (925) 734-6520, and leave a message when prompted. A security officer is paged and will return your call within a few minutes. 

Security Materials Available
The Hacienda Owners Association offers a variety of other security materials as well. Tenants may order at no cost any of the following:

  • a flier on contacting Hacienda security;
  • detailed information on the Hacienda security program; 
  • a flier on supplemental security programs; 
  • a list of local emergency numbers such as police, fire, and poison control; and
  • a manual on emergency procedures for Hacienda tenants. 

To receive any of these materials, call the Security Bulletin Board number 24 hours a day at (925) 734-6552 and leave your request. The information may also be ordered through the Hacienda web site's security page.

These materials are also available at the Association's offices at 3825 Hopyard Road, Suite 119. 

For more information, contact the Association at (925) 734-6500.


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