Published February 22, 2000
Volume 8, Number 2

eCoverage is On Call
Online Insurance Carrier Starts Call Center in Park
The staff of eCoverage's Hacienda office serves their customers with enthusiasm.

By Jay Hipps
Network Editor

eCoverage, a new online insurance carrier with big ambitions, has created a new call center in Hacienda. The facility, at 5934 Gibraltar Drive, totals 8,300 square feet.

Much in the manner of other online businesses, eCoverage hopes to use its direct access to customers as a way to both improve service and offer a quality product at a reduced price. 

"We bring the entire insurance transaction online, from quote to claim," says Max Drucker, eCoverage CIO. 

The company's unique application process allows customers to make comparisons in the cost of different levels of coverage, online, 24 hours-a-day. 

"The customer becomes empowered," he says. "Plus, they have help right there they have a phone number that they can call with a person there to hold their hand and help them through the process." 

The policy is even issued over the web. 

"They can print out their ID card from the web site, along with their policy contract, their declarations page, and that's it they're finished," he says. Copies are also mailed in the traditional manner. 

The level of help available is impressive. Customer service agents, such as those working in Hacienda, have two monitors on their computers one which shows the customer's view of the web site and one which contains support information. This allows eCoverage staff to see their site in the same way as their customers. 

"We're going to be rolling out a chat feature soon that will take that even further, so a person can be on the web site with their modem connection and can initiate a chat with one of our agents," Drucker adds.

It's also worth noting that the customer service staff is salaried, not on commission. 

"They deliver service and only service the site sells the product," he explains. 

In addition to the call center, eCoverage also has a human resources office in the new location. Insurance operations functions such as printing and mailing of new policies will also take place at the facility.


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