Published February 22, 2000
Volume 8, Number 2

Jack Nadel, Inc., Shows that Marketing is Much More than Just Advertising
Jack Nadel
Mike Maurice, right, and Rebecca Woodcock of Jack Nadel, Inc.,
pose with some of their recent promotional products.

One of Hacienda's newest tenants is Jack Nadel, Inc., a direct response promotion agency specializing in creative marketing and merchandise solutions. 

The company is ranked annually by PROMO Magazine as one of the Top 20 sales promotion agencies in the U.S. They have created custom-logo merchandise and promotional sales promotion programs for some of the nation's largest and most prestigious companies.

The company does much more than simply stamp a client's logo on a promotional product, however. Mike Maurice, Jack Nadel vice president, explains that the company works with clients in developing promotions to support channel marketing and other objectives. 

Frequently this means creating sales promotion programs to help the client create demand with distributors, wholesalers, customers, and other important markets. 

"Our goal in working with our clients is to stimulate their objectives, whether it is increasing sales or an online company trying to build up a database of potential users," said Maurice. "It's all about branding."

Jack Nadel, Inc. uses their creative design, promotion and marketing resources to deliver to a client the complete package that will make the client's brand an unstoppable force in the business or consumer world "all of which we do in-house," he notes. 

Brushing Up on their Work
For example, Maurice and his team produced the highly-successful Oral B Brush Buddies program for the Oral B company. 

The campaign was targeted to dentists and hygeniests, and promoted the company's products through the channel, and the result was a 7% market share increase.

Using peripheral products such as an "Orang-a-tangy" plush animal given to dentists and hygienists who ordered quantities of the product was shown to be successful path to increasing sales.

Tongs a Lot!
The company also hit the mark with a campaign for Fresh Express, which produces packaged salads sold in supermarket produce sections. Purchasers of two iceberg salad bags received a free pair of salad tongs that were part of the display and easily accessible for the consumer. 

The campaign was a hit, with the Jack Nadel team in charge of the creation, marketing, and promotion of the unique display.

Additional Information
Those are two success stories, but they're helping write more all the time. For more information, contact Maurice at (925) 224-7221 or access their web site at www.nadel.com.


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