Published January 17, 2006
Volume 14, Number 1

Go Green Initiative to Hold 2006 Earth Summit in Pleasanton

Edwin Piñero, the White House’s Federal Environmental Executive,
observes students recycling at lunchtime at Fairlands Elementary in
Pleasanton – the winner of the Go Green School of the Year Award in 2005.

Teaching children of all ages that environmental responsibility involves action as well as understanding is one of the goals of the Go Green Initiative, which will hold its 2006 Earth Summit from March 30–April 1 in Pleasanton. Founded here in 2002, the Go Green Initiative is the nation’s only fully comprehensive environmental action plan for schools and is currently implemented in over 250 schools in 13 states.

Go Green is based on five principles:
  • Generate compost so children can learn about ecology, biology, and waste reduction;
  • Recycle everything that cannot be reused;
  • Educate students, teachers, and parents on environmentally-responsible behavior;
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of every activity; and
  • Nationalize principles of responsible paper consumption.

In the short time since the program’s founding, it has been met with an enthusiastic response, including endorsements from organizations including the National School Boards Association, the National Recycling Coalition, the National Audubon Science Division, numerous state PTA’s, the California Integrated Waste Management Board, and the California Resource Recovery Association. Each of Pleasanton’s schools participate in the program and the Pleasanton Unified School District has vowed to make its schools role models for others in the program.

This year’s Earth Summit will feature sessions on how to develop a Go Green plan, building a team to carry out the plan, and how to facilitate partnerships between schools, cities, waste haulers, and potential local sponsors. Edwin Piñero, the White House Federal Environmental Executive, will be on hand to host a town hall meeting where he will discuss the ongoing work of the federal government to promote environmental stewardship and how Washington might support schools that are implementing the Go Green Initiative.

Attendees will also get an opportunity to see the program in action in the Pleasanton Unified School District. All Pleasanton schools are participating in the program and the district’s board of trustees has set a goal of providing model examples to other school districts interested in adopting the Initiative.

Businesses can be a part of the Go Green Earth Summit in a number of ways. Companies interested in participating may be interested in one of the many sponsorship packages which are being made available. In addition, a limited amount of exhibit space is available for enterprises which wish to promote their goods or services.

Attendance for the event is limited to 500 people. Reservations may be made by contacting the Go Green Initiative at (925) 931-0386 or by e-mailing executivedirector@gogreeninitiative.org. For additional information on either the group or the Go Green Earth Summit, access their web site at www.gogreeninitiative.org.

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