Published January 17, 2006
Volume 14, Number 1

Tri-Delta Transit Expands Hacienda Service with New Stops in Mountain House

Tri-Delta Transit expands its Delta Express service to Hacienda beginning Monday, February 6 with a stop in the growing community of Mountain House. The service, which includes stops in Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood, Discovery Bay, and Byron, will also see some slight time changes.

The Delta Express service makes two trips in both the morning and evening hours. The morning routes begin with pickups at Antioch Park and Ride at 4:47 and 5:17 a.m., with arrivals in Hacienda at the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART station at 6:25 and 6:55 a.m., respectively. The evening routes start at the intersection of Hacienda and Owens drives at 4:19 and 5:34 p.m., completing their trips at Antioch Park and Ride at 6:02 and 7:17 p.m. (See the chart at the bottom for a complete schedule.)

Tri-Delta Transit reports that the change in the Delta Express route and schedule is being given a warm welcome.

“We are already receiving requests for monthly passes from Mountain House residents, so the new service is being greeted enthusiastically,” says Michael Furnary, director of marketing for Tri-Delta Transit. “We look forward to serving that growing community now and in the future.”

Tri-Delta Transit is also a participant in Hacienda’s New Rider Program, a popular benefit the park offers with a number of local and regional transit agencies. Under a special agreement with the park, Hacienda residents and employees who are new to Tri-Delta Transit are entitled to a free round-trip ride and a two-for-one discount on their first monthly pass on the Delta Express. To apply, access the Hacienda web site at www.hacienda.org, select “Services” from the main menu, then choose “Commute Solutions” and “New Rider Program” from the drop-down menu. New Rider benefits are also offered on BART, ACE, San Joaquin Regional Transit District commuter routes from Stockton, Manteca, and Tracy, and on AC Transit’s Line M TransBay Express and Line DB (Dumbarton Bridge) TransBay Express Services. Details on these programs are also available on the Hacienda web site.

For additional information on the Delta Express, contact Tri-Delta Transit at (925) 754-4040 or access their web site at www.trideltatransit.com.

To Dublin/Pleasanton BART
Antioch Park & Ride 4:47a 5:17a
Oakley Albertsons 4:55a 5:25a
Brentwood Park & Ride 5:07a 5:37a
Discovery Bay Park & Ride 5:19a 5:49a
Byron-Main St. 5:25a 5:55a
(near Java Hut)
Mountain House 5:40a 6:10a
Dublin BART 6:25a 6:55a
Hacienda/Owens 6:32a 7:02a

From Dublin/Pleasanton BART
Hacienda/Owens 4:19p 5:34p
Dublin BART 4:34p 5:49p
Mountain House 5:09p 6:24p
Byron-Main St. 5:24p 6:39p
(near Java Hut)
Discovery Bay Park & Ride 5:30p 6:45p
Brentwood Park & Ride 5:42p 6:57p
Oakley Albertsons 5:54p 7:09p
Antioch Park & Ride 6:02p 7:17p


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