Published April 18, 2006
Volume 14, Number 4

ZANTAZ Launches First Archive On Demand
New Product Integrates e-mail Management and Remote Storage

Steve King, president and CEO of ZANTAZ, anticipates high demand
for their latest product, First Archive on Demand.

By Scott Eldredge
Special to NETWORK

ZANTAZ, Inc., is working to expand their market dominance with the recently announced First Archive On Demand, a new product in the information retention and discovery management (IRDM) market that combines mailbox, file management, and remotely maintained, or hosted, archiving capabilities.

E-mail systems were not originally intended to handle the volume of e-mails companies now produce, nor do they provide the archiving and retrieval capabilities required to manage such information. In addition, electronic communications have come to be regulated in the same manner as paper documents in terms of what must be retained and for how long.

First Archive On Demand can help enterprises by automatically archiving e-mails to enforce company policies about saving information. E-mail messages can be automatically collected and stored in a single database, making them more easily searchable, and the use of standard processes makes it possible to establish an electronic "paper trail" for the information.

These capabilities allow companies to comply with legal, regulatory, and corporate information management requirements, which in turn helps them avoid steep penalties for non-compliance and the cost of responding to legal requests with information that may reside among millions of e-mails.

"ZANTAZ is the first company to enable organizations to proactively manage their e-mail systems with a proven and scalable hosted compliance archiving solution that also offers fail-safe mailbox management," says Steve King, president and CEO of ZANTAZ. "This unique, highly flexible solution helps customers meet the challenge of managing the explosive growth in e-mail volume while dealing with the increasingly complex requirements posed by regulatory compliance and legal discovery."

ZANTAZ, which employs over 400 people worldwide and is headquartered in Hacienda, provides a number of IRDM solutions.  First Archive On Demand draws from the ZANTAZ Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) family of products. It provides e-mail management, an easily searchable archive that features familiar interfaces such as Microsoft Outlook, and the flexibility for system administrators to define rules that determine such things as what information is automatically saved and for how long. Failure and disaster recovery is ensured  by saving files to two separate locations.

First Archive On Demand also provides the benefits of both onsite and hosted solutions. Mailbox management is installed at the customer site, providing ease of use and centralized control for users and administrators, while ZANTAZ maintains the storage database on its own hardware. For the customer, this arrangement reduces many of the administrative and management functions while providing 24/7 security and technology administration. Hosting also reduces the time and cost of backup and recovery.

First Archive On Demand is highly scalable as well, meaning it can grow with a company at the speed of e-mail.


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