Published June 17, 2008
Volume 16, Number 6

Hacienda’s New Rider Program Eases the Commute

The timing has never been better for one of Hacienda’s important transportation services, the New Rider program. Focusing on the needs of the park’s daily population of 20,000 employees and residents, this customized plan assembles an array of incentives—including free passes—to encourage commuters to try out the alternatives offered by the area’s many transit systems.

Long known for its designation as a Best Workplace for Commuters District, Hacienda is constantly seeking new ways to benefit from its location at the junction of eight different transit services. Several transportation links with outlying areas connect park users with destinations at or near their place of business. With so many options, most commuters will find a choice corresponding to their daily route. Just how does the New Rider program ease the commute?

Free WHEELS Pass    
First, all Hacienda employees and residents can ride the local WHEELS system at no charge. A free pass provides access to all local buses, BART and ACE connector services, and the I-680 Express bus from Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill. For a pass, follow this link: www.hacienda.org/services/services_commute_pass.html or call (925) 734-6551. View bus schedules at: www.wheelsbus.com

First-Time Users
The Hacienda Owners Association has teamed with BART, ACE, SJRTD, Tri-Delta Transit, and AC Transit to offer free passes inviting first-time users to try their services. A summary of the various New Rider incentives appears below. The fastest way to make a free ticket request is online at www.hacienda.org/services/services_commute_rider.html.

You Can't Beat BART. First-time riders interested in a free trip on the Bay Area's most comprehensive rail network can request a special invitation from BART to try its system. Schedules and other information can be found at: www.bart.gov or (510) 464-6000.

ACE Your Commute. The ACE commuter rail line provides direct access from the San Joaquin Valley. First-time riders receive a free week-long pass. Call (800) 411-RAIL for schedules and rider information or visit www.acerail.com.

Try San Joaquin RTD’s Interregional Service. Commuters from Stockton, Manteca, and Tracy can travel to Hacienda in comfort and style with San Joaquin’s RTD. Free round-trip tickets are available for first-time riders. For schedule details, visit www.sanjoaquinrtd.com or call (209) 943-1111.

Tri-Delta Transit Delta Express. Two express trips from Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood, Discovery Bay, Byron, and Mountain House meet peak travel needs daily. First-time users get a free trial ride. Routes and schedules are available at www.trideltatransit.com or (925) 754-6622.

AC Transit. Riders can try AC Transit's new Line M TransBay Express and Line DB (Dumbarton Bridge) TransBay Express services at a discount. Try the first three rides for free under the New Rider program. Information on schedules and services can be found at www.ACTransit.org or by calling (510) 891-4700.

Commuter Support
Several other programs support the use of commute alternatives. Guaranteed Ride Home, from the Alameda County Congestion Management Authority, ensures commuters they won't get stranded at work after using an alternative transit mode. Visit www.grh.accma.ca.gov/grh/ or call (510) 433-0320). Regional commute information is available by dialing 511 from any Bay Area phone; visit rideshare.511.org for a match with near-by fellow commuters. The federal Commuter Choice Tax Benefit allows employees and employers to set aside money pre-tax for transit. Details are available at www.hacienda.org/pdf/CommuterChoice.pdf.


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