Published August 30, 2016
Volume 25, Number 8



Comcast (Hacienda Location) Staff

 While most consumers may think of Comcast as a company that provides Internet service or cable television programming, there is another side of the company, Comcast Spotlight, that provides businesses with new ways to reach potential customers with advertisements.
“We are the ad sales division of Comcast,” says account executive Matt Wexler, who is among around a dozen employees in the group’s Hacienda office. “I work with businesses of all sizes — anybody who needs to utilize video to tell their story and to explain their value to their target demographic, to grow business and get new customers.”
What sets Comcast Spotlight apart, Wexler explains, is twofold: the ability to deliver ads to specific geographic areas and to provide that content online and not just on television.
“People are now consuming more video on more devices in more places than ever before,” he says. “We can insert videos or commercials into that programming, whether it’s on network television like ESPN or CNN or the Food Network or in broadcasts of the local sports teams like the Giants or Warriors, and we can also geo-target that video to specific zones so that people aren’t wasting their money reaching areas and people that would most likely not respond anyway. We are unique in that. We also do that online now, through behavioral targeting, geographic targeting, and demographic targeting.”
The ability to target audiences by specific geographic boundaries, he says, has been a boon to Comcast Spotlight’s advertisers. “The Bay Area is broken into 22 different zones and that seems to work really well for most of our businesses because we can target and, in some cases, we can help them expand their geographic footprint of where they're pulling from,” Wexler says. “It works very well, it gets results. For example, the Food Network is a great place for a restaurant to be, and so is the Travel Channel. Wherever there's a kind of a good captive audience, this is where we want to put our clients.”
Comcast Spotlight also helps clients with the production of their commercials. “Most business owners know about running their business but they don't know how to make a video or even where to start. It can be tough for some businesses to kind of wrap their head around the whole process, so we help them with that. We'll set up a meeting and ask them a bunch of questions about what they think they might want to see, what's important to them, what they are trying to accomplish, and what they want people to do after they see the video. We'll come back with a script and a storyboard and get feedback from the client until the client is happy with it, and then we’ll set up a date for production. We work with just about every production company in the Bay Area. We make it really easy for people so they can have a really nice video made that they can use as a tool to help grow their business.”
Clients are free to use the finished commercials wherever they like, Wexler adds. “They can use it in any other any other forum that they wish — on their web site, in their social media, any other place where they want to use a video. They'll have that video and they'll own it forever.”
 For additional information on Comcast Spotlight’s services, contact Wexler at (925) 223-8411 or access www.comcastspotlight.com.

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