Published August 30, 2016
Volume 25, Number 8


Hacienda’s central Tri-Valley location means that it is served by a remarkable number of transit agencies. Commuters from throughout the Bay Area and even some locations in the Central Valley have the opportunity to get out of their cars and into a bus or train that will take them where they want to go.  In addition, Hacienda employees and residents can ride local WHEELS buses for free with a Hacienda EcoPass, available online at the Hacienda web site.
If mass transit is not practical or convenient, you can also explore carpool and vanpool opportunities. With over 23,000 people living and working in Hacienda, chances are good that you can find people willing to share a ride, and the growing number of high-occupancy vehicle lanes on Bay Area freeways means you will be able to save on travel time as well. Cyclists benefit, too, from Hacienda’s easy access from nearby communities as well as both the park’s bike lanes on all major thoroughfares and its ancillary bike paths.
This special map and directory of Tri-Valley services will help you keep track of all the options. A downloadable version of the map is available in the Resource Center of your online Hacienda account.

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