Published August 26, 2016
Volume 24, Number 8

Wheels Provides Enhancements to Hacienda,

Tri-Valley Routes

A Wheel Eco Bus along a Hacienda route

One of the most popular amenities available to tenants and residents of Hacienda is a free Wheels bus pass, available by request on the park’s web site at www.hacienda.org. The Wheels ECO Pass, a key commuting benefit, is likely to become even more useful thanks to recent enhancements to routes. Starting on August 13, the system has been reconfigured to provide improved access to BART, ACE rail stations, Las Positas College, and other key destinations in the region.

The most dramatic enhancements have been made to routes serving the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART station, on Hacienda’s northern border. Ten of the new and modified routes connect directly to BART, including two routes that
arrive at bus stops every 15 minutes, all day on weekdays, timed to connect with every train departure at BART. This change is intended to benefit BART riders who will now be able to leave their cars at home, eliminating the need to find parking at the BART lot. The change also means that over 18,000 Tri-Valley households and over 32,500 jobs will be within a short walk to a bus stop. Combined with the recent additions to the Wheels fleet — brand new buses with upgraded seating, bike racks, and soon-to-come free Wifi — the route redesign will make commuting more pleasant than ever.

Here is a complete list of the new changes to Wheels routes:

• Route 1 – Route will operated direct to/from BART to the Santa Rita Jail. Service on Central Parkway and Rosewood is eliminated.
• Route 2 – Route will continue to operate. A 3:20 pm short trip is eliminated (new Route 505 will provide service to Fallon Middle School).
• Route 3 – Route is eliminated in Dublin and is realigned in Pleasanton for a direct connection between the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station and Stoneridge Mall.
• Route 8 – Route is realigned to operate from BART to south Pleasanton via Hopyard. Route will no longer operate on Santa Rita Road (service will be provided by Route 10). Service on Case Avenue and along Koll Center Parkway is eliminated.
• Route 9 – Route is eliminated.
• Route 10R – Service levels will increase to every 15 minutes during the day on weekdays. Route will no longer operate to the Stoneridge Mall and will terminate at BART. Route will no longer operate on East Avenue and will terminate at the Livermore Transit Center. For service on East Ave, please see Route 30R.
• Route 11 – Route is realigned to connect to the Vasco Road ACE Station.
• Route 12/12X – Route is eliminated.
• Route 14 – Route is realigned to provide service from central Livermore to the San Francisco Premium Outlets, Stoneridge Creek retirement facility, and Stoneridge Drive to BART. Service on Pine Street and Chestnut Street is eliminated. Route will operate 7 days a week.
• Route 15 – Service will operate every 30-minutes all day on weekdays. Service on Enos and Portola Ave is eliminated.
• Route 20X – Two trips in the morning and two trips in the evening on weekdays will be provided as express service to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Service on Greenville Road and Las Positas is eliminated.
• Route 30R (formerly, Rapid) – Route is realigned to serve Las Positas College, replacing the local route 12 service. Route will terminate at the West Dublin Pleasanton BART Station and no longer directly serve the Stoneridge Mall. Route will run until midnight, 7 days a week. Select local stops on East Avenue and Dublin Blvd will be added.
• Route 51 – Route is eliminated. Service to the Livermore Civic Center and Library will be provided by Route 14.
• Route 70X – Route 70XV trips are eliminated.
• Route 401, 402 and 403 – Routes are eliminated.
• New Route 580X – Service will operate from the Livermore Transit Center to BART via the 1-580 Express lanes during peak times on weekdays.
• Dublin School Routes (501, 502, 504) – Routes have been adjusted to manage ridership demand and meet new school bell times. Route 503 will not change.
• New Route 505 – Route will provide service to Fall Middle School
• Routes 601-611 – No changes

Full details of the route changes, including route maps, span of service and frequencies, can be viewed online at www.wheelsbus.com. A comprehensive map of transit routes serving Hacienda can be found in this issue of Hacienda Network.

Hacienda employees and residents are eligible for a free Wheels ECO Pass. To receive your pass, access the Hacienda web site at www.hacienda.org, click on “Special Offers” under the “About” menu, then click “Commute” and “Wheels ECO Pass.” Additional Hacienda commute benefits, including free first-time rider passes, ridematching services, and the Guaranteed Ride Home program, are also available on the Hacienda web site.

For additional information on Wheels, access www.wheelsbus.com, www.facebook.com/wheelsbus, or follow @wheelsbus on Twitter.

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