Published February 23, 2017
Volume 1, Number 2



By Tina Hansen
Pulse Writer

Is the cash register the next thing to be added to the list of relics that the next generation will never know existed? Soon we may no longer hear the ringing from a cash register as it totals up our purchase and the clank of the cash drawer as it opens.

In the restaurant industry, new restaurant management technology is transforming how customers order and pay for their food with safer and more efficient Point of Sale (POS) software. With new POS, payment processing, and data collection software, restaurants can simplify the sales cycle and improve profitability and consumer safety.

Amber Systems Technologies (AST), headquartered in Hacienda, is a leader in developing POS software for restaurants, specialty retail, and grocery stores. Their cloud-based technology called Vigore is revolutionizing how restaurants run by giving them flexibility and functionality in how they take customer orders, how they receive payment and even for how they take online orders.

The goal for AST is to make it easier for restaurants and business owners to transition into the ever changing world of banking and credit card technology so they can be more profitable, save time and offer their customers a positive experience.

With the Vigore POS software, AST was ahead of the curve in implementing chip card readers giving their customer an advantage over other businesses that were slow to migrate to smart card payment systems.

Smart chip cards are called EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the three companies that created the standard, but are now managed by EMVCo, a consortium of all major credit card issuers.

“EMV chip cards are going to impact every retailer and restaurant, small or large, quick service restaurants, full-service or fine-dining, so adding EMV card processing to Vigore was a top priority for us,” said Suzanne Chen, CFO, Amber Systems Technologies.

AST has been in business 12 years and in Hacienda for two years, and they recently partnered with Moneris, a North American leader in EMV technology, to collaborate on an integrated EMV processing solution.

Another feature of AST’s new software package is that restaurant owners with multiple businesses can remotely manage their restaurants and stores, run reports and track all transactions allowing them to react more quickly to problems or trends.

Utilizing a single software solution to manage all aspects of operations and also process credit and debit card payments helps to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

For restaurants in Hacienda and Pleasanton, the benefit of having this leading technology in the community is important. “We had an old payment system, and then we upgraded to AST software and now use an Android tablet for order taking. It works great, saves time for our servers and offers a great client experience,” says the owner of India Garden.

The future of POS technology is quickly evolving, and as AST grows, they plan to roll out their software to other businesses in addition to restaurants, such as retail and gaming businesses. “Secured technology and cost efficiency is the key to running a successful operation, and currently, 80 percent of payment methods are by done card, phone and online,” said Chen.

For more information about Amber Systems Technologies, please visit their website, www.astpos.com.