Published February 23, 2017
Volume 1, Number 2

CapinCrouse Helps Nonprofits Do Good Work

By Tina Hansen
Pulse Writer

Running a nonprofit organization is more than just championing worthy causes, doing important work and changing people’s lives. It is a business with the same issues that all businesses have and for a nonprofit to succeed it needs a professional support team to help make that important work happen.

CapinCrouse, a national certified and full-service CPA and consulting firm located in Pleasanton, is a member of that professional support team devoted to serving nonprofit organizations by offering business solutions to organizations whose outcomes are measured in the number of lives changed.

The business of nonprofits or nonprofit organization has moved beyond volunteers donating their time and donors giving money at gala events. In today’s world, a nonprofit organization has to be competitive and forward-thinking to expand their revenue streams so they can assert more control over their bottom-lines.

CapinCrouse provides their mission-focused nonprofit clients with the tools necessary to retain control over the bottom-line by providing them with support in the areas of financial integrity and security, so they have the means to look forward and continue their good work. The firm serves its clients with a range of information security consulting and risk management services.

In business since 1972, CapinCrouse currently provides professional CPA solutions to more than 1,000 nonprofit organizations. They work with churches and higher education institutions to help them navigate through the constantly changing financial accountability rules and regulations, as well as help shape the policy decisions that impact the nation’s nonprofit organizations.

One of the common concerns that nonprofit organizations have with for-profit businesses is cybersecurity. A breach in data security is a significant and growing risk for nonprofit organizations as they are not exempt from the threats and dangers that being hacked can pose.

Cybersecurity and protecting the digital information that nonprofits collect and maintain is critical on an organizational level and, more importantly, a public confidence level. Without trust, people will not donate their time or money, and without those resources, a nonprofit organization cannot succeed.

The concern over data breaches applies to all nonprofit organization no matter their size or scope, not just for large international nonprofit organizations. For CapinCrouse, cybersecurity and protecting their client's data has led them to invest in more resources so they can keep pace with the changing cyber world their clients live in today.

In December, CapinCrouse announced a merger with Traina & Associates, a leader in assessing cyber risks and implementing solutions to secure data for all types of businesses, including nonprofit. The merger allows CapinCrouse to provide their nonprofit clients with critical security insight through their new Cybersecurity Assessment service.

“The need for expert information security services is rapidly increasing as nonprofits face numerous and diverse cybersecurity threats,” said James Oberle, Partner, and CEO at CapinCrouse. “Traina & Associates brings leading expertise and experience to our firm, allowing us to empower our nonprofit clients in the critical area of information systems risk management.”

CapinCrouse is committed to helping nonprofits be successful, and their mission statement says it all: “Our mission is about delivering the right services, in the right way, by the right people, in order to make the right impact.” Being based locally has helped them fulfill that mission. “Our location in Pleasanton allows us to live, work, and play in the same area allowing for greater work life balance,” says Christopher Gordon, Partner.

For more information about CapinCrouse, please visit their website www.capincrouse.com.