Published March 21, 2017
Volume 1, Number 3

Mindshare Group Strives to Maximize Value in Healthcare

By Tina Hansen
Pulse Writer

The complex topic of health insurance has become a part of a national conversation with an ever-increasing need for more information. A vital part of that conversation is the important role an employer plays in the health care and health insurance system.

Mindshare Group in Pleasanton is a leader in that conversation that provides businesses with the guidance they need to make appropriate decisions, as well as help them manage the relationship between employers, employees, healthcare providers, and insurance. The connection between work and health is essential because employers rely on healthy employees for business operations and employees frequently rely on their employers to help keep them healthy.

Employers invest substantial resources into each employee, and the health benefits they provide are one of the largest investments they make in their workforce. To keep up with the many changes to plan options and the cost implications of plan choices, employers need to be innovative in health care planning to maintain economic sustainability, and Mindshare Group offers its clients these necessary resources.

With the constant news surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and potential new legislative changes on horizon, Mindshare says they have noticed an increase in employee awareness about the details of health insurance. “Employees are definitely more in tune with their healthcare and health insurance these days. More than ever before, employees appreciate how valuable health insurance and other health benefits are as part of their overall compensation,” said Dan Copenhagen, President of Mindshare Group.

In addition to growing complexities in healthcare for each employee, there has also been a substantial new burden placed on employers in the area of compliance. Within the past few years, numerous requirements have surfaced for employer sponsored health and retirement plans, including detailed tracking and reporting to federal and state agencies. While certain elements may soon change, there will likely remain ongoing work for employers to manage.  

To alleviate these compliance burdens for its clients, Mindshare Group not only offers expert guidance, but will step in to do the required work. This helps to reduce the load for HR and management teams, and keeps clients on the right track, clear of any pitfalls or penalties. “Clients really appreciate that we’ll actually take on many of the HHS, CMS or carrier reporting requirements, allowing them to focus on more important areas of their business,” says Copenhagen.
Of additional importance is a well designed and well managed benefits package, which can play a crucial role in promoting worker health and drive higher employee engagement. Technology too now plays a key role. Technology platforms have become prevalent in benefits administration and produce a win-win for both employer and employee. These systems streamline the flow and accuracy of information, minimizing time spent managing benefits. With improved access to coverage details comes a positive impact on employees in terms of how well they understand, utilize and appreciate their benefits.  

Mindshare Group works with large and small companies, non-profit organizations, individuals and seniors. Their partnership with clients is personal and individual which allows them to customize plans and services. Being located in Pleasanton has also helped them to better serve their clients.

“Being in Pleasanton over the past 16 years has been outstanding. The location is central, allowing us to serve many clients right here in the Tri-Valley, but also work effectively with clients from San Jose to San Francisco.  We’re involved in the energy and innovation of the Silicon Valley, but don’t have to commute hours each day to get there!  And the work-life balance has helped us attract and retain a lot of great people,” said Copenhagen

For more information about Mindshare, visit their website at www.mindsharegroup.com.