Published May 18, 2017
Volume 1, Number 5

Precision is Shaping the Future of Biotechnology

By Tina Hansen
Pulse Writer

Precision System Science (PSS) is Emblematic of a key Hacienda business sector: the highly technical and scientific biotech company.

PSS is a global leader in providing automation, instruments, reagents and consumables for molecular researchers and diagnosticians, focused on DNA and RNA testing. PSS products start at the front end, DNA extraction phase, of the molecular testing process and continue through the Real-Time PCR and analysis phase. Their technology is used in testing a wide range of sample applications, from identifying newborn genetic diseases, markers for cancer, analysis of forensic evidence and human identification, to infections diseases like HIV.

Founded on proprietary technology developed by their parent company in 1985, PSS is headquartered in Japan. After their initial public offering in 2001, they opened an office in Hacienda in 2010. Customer demonstrations, training, application optimization, service and distribution throughout the Western hemisphere is managed from Pleasanton.

One of their key product differentiations is Magtration Technology, which involves the use of magnetic particles to extract and purify targeted substances. Instruments based on their technology have become standard in scientific research and diagnostic laboratories worldwide. PSS has successfully completed their fully automated, all-in-one, sample-to-answer device, leveraging Magtration Technology at its core.

“We are excited to help our customers, accelerate discoveries across the life science spectrum with the advantages that come with automating manual processes, such as: reduced set up time, higher quality results, contamination control, enhanced reproducibility and increased throughput. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and create workflow solutions unique to their market demands.”, PSS USA, CEO Paul Race.

PSS’s DNA extraction systems have been widely used in DNA analysis through partnerships with global biotech companies. Through a niche-market in the clinical test industry, their business continues to evolve as the PSS Group focuses on developing new concepts for smaller labs as well as large-scale testing facilities.

Biotechnology will continue to play a major role in the progress of life science, medical and healthcare. The depth of the problems that biotechnology can solve includes issues related to an aging society, the environment, energy, and food production. Responding to the expected expansion of the bio-diagnoses market, PSS is at the forefront and as taken strategic measures that will contribute to the health of the people and the planet.

Fro more information about Precision System Science (PSS), visit them at their Pleasanton office, 5673 W. Las Positas Blvd,. Suite 202. Email contact@pssbio.com or visit their website at www.pssbio.com