Published July 25, 2017
Volume 1, Number 7

Jadoo TV Brings Direct Content to Users

By Tina Hansen
Pulse Writer

Every day we experience the growing sophistication of technology. One of the most ubiquitous of these experiences is simply watching TV. In just a few years we have gone from a decade's old model of watching television to an on demand experience driven by advanced technology.

Hacienda Based JadooTV is one of the few providers looking to upend the old model by delivering live and on demand content via a proprietary internet based set top box (STB). As the leading distributor of internet based South Asian television content, they bring television shows, movies, and music to the U.S. from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal and the Middle East.

In the Bay Area, the South Asian population has increased faster than any other demographic group, most coming from India. Over the last decade the number of Indian Americans in the nine county Bay Area grew by 53 percent to 244,493, and in California, the population rose by 68 percent to 528,176.

Last month JadooTV announced the launch of its fifth generation IPTV set top box, Jadoo5™. This new box combines the latest technology, 4K UHD, H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding Quad Core Processor, 2GB DDR Memory, Bluetooth, and Screen Mirroring, with an array of new features and accessories.

Users can now personalize their device and use it as an entertainment hub for their favorite content, news feeds, social media, photos, and personal communication.

“Jadoo5 is more than a simple streaming set top box. It is an entertainment hub, designed with the entire household in mind. Parents can watch their favorite content in 4K Ultra HD and H.265 quality. Younger audience can download an array of apps, wirelessly listen to music via Bluetooth or watch their favorite videos from their mobile to TV using JadooCast,” notes Sajid Sohail Founder & CEO of JadooTV.

One of the new features, called “My Photo Frame,” collects photos from other apps such as Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram and shares directly to the TV. “We’ve also added free audio and video communication features that allow you to call anywhere in the world from your Jadoo5,” adds Sohail. Users have the option to make video calls by adding on the new HD Jadoo Cam, and free calls via Facebook Messenger.

With “My Stuff” users combine their favorite interests such as horoscopes, news feeds, pictures, and videos all in one place for a more personalized experience.

Jadoo5 also supports voice search capabilities through the Air Remote, and multicast to mirror content from any mobile device directly to the TV. With JadooGO users can watch JadooTV on mobile and ablet anytime, anywhere. “Now, JadooTV users can enjoy their favorite South Asian content everywhere all the time,” says Sohail.

However, central to Jadoo's value is still its incredible selection of programming, with more than 1,000 Live TV Channels, as well as more than 3,000 Bollywood and regional movies.

For more information, visit www.jadootv.com.