Published July 25, 2017
Volume 1, Number 7

WaveStrong Protects Businesses From Cyber Attacks

By Tina Hansen
Pulse Writer

Fending off cyber attacks has become a big concern for businesses and a big expense. A single cyber-attack, aside from the ongoing risk from compromised data, can set a company back thousands of dollars, and as attacks continue to become more sophisticated, that cost increases.

Data shows that small and medium sized businesses are more at risk today than ever before, and the urgency to do something about it is tied directly to the bottom line. Since 2013, the cost of data breaches on businesses has risen by 23 percent, and it continues to rise. The average cost of cyber-attacks per organization in the U.S is $6.5 million. These numbers vary depending on the industry and size of the business, but recently small and medium sized businesses are taking the biggest financial hit proportionally.

Cyber criminals showed new levels of aggression in 2016, a year marked by extraordinary attacks, including multimillion dollar virtual bank heists.
WaveStrong is an information security and data privacy consulting company based in Hacienda. Their mission is to keep their client’s data safe from attack. Founded in 2001, WaveStrong has become an industry leader in enterprise and cloud information security. They offer best of breed security solutions and services for government, education and business sectors.

The WaveStrong team is made up of a little more than 30 employees who are certified technical and business professionals, able to help their clients successfully navigate the complexities of planning, designing, implementing, and managing their data security. Part of their approach is to be vendor agnostic which gives their customers the freedom to choose the best suited security model for their business.

Through smart strategies and solutions, WaveStrong helps its customers by establishing a complete cyber security program to protect their data. WaveStrong's security experts are equipped to identify and remediate business risks and threats, select and deploy the right technology. Their support is comprehensive and involves everything from installation and implementation to operational readiness to maintenance. Solutions are tailor fit to protect specific businesses and perform proactively to identify problems, and potential risks before vulnerabilities are exploited.

WaveStrong helps CIO's and CISO's make wise technology investment decisions. Their team implements information securities controls that not only secure data and information but also identify and deal with risks and weaknesses. In the end, WaveStrong helps clients avoid financial loss and damage to their brand.

For more information visit the website at www.wavestrong.com.