Published August 24, 2017
Volume 1, Number 8

AppleOne Helps Clients Find Top Talent for Direct

to Hire and Temp Positions

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

Over more than 50 years, AppleOne has fulfilled the challenging staffing needs of its 30,000-plus client companies. The company is the nation’s largest privately held employment service with more than 180 offices in 33 states. AppleOne’s Hacienda office opened in September 2004 with six employees; since then it has expanded its staff to eleven as well as its office space.
Michele Henderson, Elite Branch Manager, has been with the company for 20 years and Rosie Flauta, Assistant Branch Manager, has been with the company for 10 years. They say that providing their clients with the most talented direct hire and temporary professionals rests on three key values: taking the time to genuinely listen to clients’ needs; protecting their clients with unique programs such as a five-year guarantee; and treating talented employment candidates as the center of the universe.
AppleOne has always been a full-service staffing firm that offers dedicated account executives to partner with both candidates and clients to create a “client for life” relationship, according to Henderson and Flauta. “Because our mission is ‘To find, understand, and fulfill the needs of another,’ our clients find that our tailor-made solutions lead to enhanced productivity and reduced costs,” they say.
“I think staffing needs have changed greatly in the past five or so years,” says Henderson. That’s primarily due to the drop in available professionals as more people are hired. In June, for example, the Alameda unemployment rate was only 3.3%.
“Previously our clients had a great deal of candidates to select from,” says Henderson. “Now, with unemployment at such a low rate, our clients have to select from a more reduced pool of candidates in the marketplace. And because talent obtains employment so quickly, our clients have to move with more urgency in their selection process to capture the talent they are looking for.”
Since low unemployment can make it difficult to find key talent to drive key initiatives, AppleOne created the SCALE guide to assist clients in tackling that challenge. The SCALE Guide (Standards for Compensation And Leadership Excellence) is a comprehensive tool that features a full retention toolkit, up-to-date financial information, workforce guidance, and expanded job descriptions. The data in the guide also provides national estimates for starting base salaries, excluding bonuses and incentives.
The information is compiled from extensive research conducted with AppleOne branch managers, interviews with Human Resources and labor experts, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Occupational Information Network, and ongoing candidate and client surveys. The SCALE provides the most current information on compensation and work force trends, according to Henderson.

“The SCALE was designed to assist in the development of attracting a volume of talent, selecting the right talent for our clients’ companies, and cultivating employee engagement through the life of a productive assignment or job,” says Henderson.
AppleOne represents only the most qualified candidates for direct hire and temporary positions, according to Henderson and Flauta. Each candidate is thoroughly screened and evaluated for their expertise and work experience.
Additionally, AppleOne features a highly diversified team with years of experience in all levels of office clerical, executive, accounting, manufacturing, and technical staffing. Moreover, as a part of a global staffing conglomerate, the company also offers staffing resources dedicated to the specific needs of the healthcare, entertainment, IT, engineering, HR, and legal industries.
AppleOne is part of the largest woman-minority owned workforce management company founded in the US, Act-1 Group, which brings expertise in delivering corporate HR initiatives to local and global markets in 19 countries across the globe. For more information about AppleOne, visit https://www.appleone.com.