Published August 24, 2017
Volume 1, Number 8

Verselus Designs Efficient Manufacturing

Automation Solutions

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

Verselus is a capital equipment manufacturing and design firm that specializes in robust and sophisticated automation solutions. While the firm itself is only in its fourth year, members of the Verselus team have a legacy going back thirty years when it comes to designing efficient and sophisticated manufacturing automation solutions across a range of industries.
Its customers have included companies involved in self-driving vehicle development, data storage, and medical devices. For one customer, for example, Verselus designed and built highly precise automated equipment to assemble and align LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors. These sensors are used in self-driving cars, robots, and other applications because they provide 360-degree visibility and extremely accurate depth information. That makes LiDAR sensors—and their manufacturing process—critically important to those who make them as well as those who use them.
“One of the fun things about what we do is that sometimes we automate things in a mature industry like data storage and other times we get to work in emerging technologies like self-driving cars, which is in its infancy,” says Verselus CEO Chris Martin.  

Verselus offers a broad range of services for customers, from fixing a single product problem to developing upgrades to existing equipment, to designing semi-automated stations, to creating full factory solutions. The company’s particular expertise in automation integration is the team’s ability to dig down and focus on process details to find the best solution for customers.
Customers “may have a product to fix or challenge to solve but don’t really know how to do it,” says Troy Kreger, Vice President of Engineering. “Where we set ourselves apart is by taking a deep dive into our customer's’ manufacturing process to analyze that product or challenge and proposing solutions specific to their situation that increase productivity, improve yield, or create value in other ways for the customer.”
Focusing on the details makes a difference to the team at Verselus as well as its customers. “The bottom line is that we’re here to improve the quality and lower the costs of our customers’ manufacturing processes,” says Martin.
Verselus is a turnkey solution provider with ample experience in mechanical, electrical, and software design, as well as factory floor control, product lot tracking, line balancing, and precision machine control. Verselus has extensive experience in the human side of automation integration as well. According to the company, that includes managing collaborative development and cross-functional teams such as engineering support, operations, and full support capability for worldwide applications engineering and field service.

“As a team, we’re very passionate about what we do,” says Martin. “We love what we do. We eat, sleep, and breathe automation. It’s a joy to get up and go to work in the morning.”
In June, the company moved its office of 16 employees to Hacienda in part because of its attractive and central location. For more information about Verselus, visit http://verselus.com.