Published September 19, 2017
Volume 1, Number 9

The Huntington Learning Center Helps Students

Reach Their Potential

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

The Huntington Learning Center in Pleasanton has been located at Hacienda during its entire 30-year history. This premium tutoring and test preparation company helps children and young adults achieve their scholastic potential by creating custom programs tailored to the learning needs and styles of each individual student.

“Some kids are auditory, some are hands on, and some are just sensitive,” notes Mona Sethi, who joined the Huntington Learning Center in April as the Center Director. Sethi is a Pleasanton resident with children in local high schools. While her role at Huntington is recent, her education experience is vast.

“I used to be a school teacher and a school counselor before I stayed home with my kids,” says Sethi. “I never thought one mold works for every child. One of my kids does not fit into the mold. That’s why I became so involved with school.”

Sethi is passionate about providing children with the best education possible. In most classrooms students are graded on test performance, she notes, which is not necessarily a good measure of a child’s potential.

“Some kids are super smart but just aren’t good test takers,” she says. “For me, if my kid is going to any type of specialized learning program, I want his program to be based on his needs and his learning style.”

That is the kind of program created by Huntington. Each Huntington student who needs tutoring goes through comprehensive testing approximately four hours long. The detailed results from the testing allows Huntington to create an individualized tutoring approach based on the needs of that particular student.

“We provide individualized instruction to kids from K to 12,” says Sethi. “We are in constant communication with families regarding their child's instructional program, and meet with them every month to check in on how their child is progressing.”

Huntington’s test preparation tutoring has helped many high school students achieve the test scores required to qualify for the colleges of their choice. This is possible because Huntington identifies the most important knowledge gaps of each future test-taker and helps each one fill in those gaps. “We are pioneers in providing one-on-one exam prep tutoring in the area to all ACT/SAT students,” says Sethi.

According to the company, Huntington’s learning center programs help students reach and surpass their grade level. “We have lots of success stories,” notes Sethi. “We have helped kids get into higher math, into their dream colleges, and gain confidence in addition to getting a great report card.”

These success stories are possible because the tutoring and test prep offered are always based on the needs of individual students. That means Huntington can offer a study skills program to those who need it, as well as support to students with ADHD or similar issues.

Huntington hires only certified teachers with California teaching credentials. Moreover,  the Pleasanton Center is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. For more information about the Huntington Learning Center, visit https://huntingtonhelps.com/center/pleasanton.