Published September 19, 2017
Volume 1, Number 9

SmartERP Solutions Helps Clients Automate

Business Applications

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

SmartERP Solutions helps its clients streamline and automate business applications through innovative software solutions and consulting services.
“SmartERP is unique in the Enterprise Resource Planning space,” notes Kirk Chan, Vice President of Business Development for Smart ERP Solutions. “ERP is a term that refers to business application software such as Human Capital Management, Financial and Supply Chain, and Student Information Systems. Most organizations in the space provide either software solutions or consulting services while SmartERP provides both.”
SmartERP’s most popular offering is Smart Onboarding, the company’s automated onboarding solution. Smart Onboarding automates the entire process of onboarding new employees, suppliers, and even students into an organization. More than 1 million people have joined organizations using Smart Onboarding, according to the company.
“The efficiency and cost savings gained by the Smart Onboarding solution is most readily seen by our staffing industry clients that each perform 300,000 to 400,000 on-boards per year,” says Chan. “Our clients save millions of dollars a year in shipping costs alone with our automated solution.”
Automating the employee onboarding experience allows clients to skip the high costs of printing and shipping employment- or membership-related forms and brochures. Moreover, Smart Onboarding also allows clients to use a custom “pre-boarding” portal so that future employees or members can see appropriate forms and information using their own email addresses and favorite device.
Kirk notes that an automated, mobile-responsive, electronic onboarding experience is not only more efficient for all concerned but also improves employee retention and ensures a consistent onboarding process is followed by all—including an organization’s Human Resources (HR) staff.
“Many organizations still use reams of paper in their onboarding processes but more and more organizations are turning not just to electronic onboarding but to our mobile-responsive onboarding solution to attract and retain millennial workers that are accustomed to doing almost everything on their cell phones and tablets,” notes Chan.
SmartERP’s software solutions automate HR processes at local clients such as the County of Alameda and the City and County of San Francisco. The company’s consulting service engagements include providing Tax Automation for Pinterest and implementing Oracle PeopleSoft Human Capital Management software for the University of California system, one of the largest PeopleSoft projects in the world. SmartERP has worked with a variety of additional clients in many other areas as well.
According to the company, Smart ERP application managed services can supplement a client’s staff, co-manage applications, or manage an entire set of PeopleSoft, EBS, and JDE applications. Smart ERP Solutions has solutions and services practices across multiple industries including Public Sector, Financials, Recruiting, Technology, Manufacturing, Construction, and many more.
In 2013 Smart ERP moved its headquarters to Hacienda, where about 25 people now work. “Because of our PeopleSoft roots, we wanted to remain in Pleasanton where PeopleSoft, which is now part of Oracle Corporation, had its headquarters,” says Chan. “With the deep roots SmartERP has here in Pleasanton, we love being one of the local Hacienda businesses.”
SmartERP is sponsoring the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco beginning October 1. For more information, visit https://www.smarterp.com.