Published October 24, 2017
Volume 1, Number 10

ServiceNow Allows Customers to Automate

Any Business Process

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

ServiceNow helps customers simplify their businesses by creating intelligent and automated workflows across their enterprises. That allows customers to spend their time “on work that’s meaningful, not menial,” says Robert Teed, Vice President of Global Real Estate and Workplace for ServiceNow. 

The company’s many related offerings include the Now Platform, a single technology platform that lets ServiceNow customers orchestrate processes across the enterprise using an “Intelligent Automation Engine.” This machine-learning-based engine allows customers to use existing data “to create finely tuned models that intelligently prioritize and route tasks across departments,” according to ServiceNow. Customers can “find precise indicators of problems to prevent issues, benchmark your services, and predict performance.” 

ServiceNow is in the problem-solving business, according to Teed, who uses his own daily work process to illustrate the benefits of ServiceNow’s approach. The company uses a number of applications internally from leading third-party vendors. Traditionally, Teed would need to log in to each of these systems independently for any action, from  something as simple as approving an invoice to something as complex as onboarding a new employee. 
That is not necessary at ServiceNow. “By using our platform and apps developed on that platform, we integrate with both Workday and SAP and many other enterprise systems to create a seamless workflow,” says Teed. “I perform these same tasks–approving an invoice or onboarding a new employee–and any of the subtasks that may be associated through our internal version of ServiceNow. I often do this directly from my mobile device. ServiceNow provides me with a single place to take action, which saves me a significant amount of time.” 

ServiceNow has long been associated with solving problems for IT organizations, according to Teed. “However, we are now across the enterprise, solving problems for every function of a company, including HR, IT, customer service, and security.”   

The company is new to Hacienda; it opened its office here in July 2017. ServiceNow employs 5,550 people globally, with 1,600 employees in the Bay Area and 175 in the East Bay. The Hacienda office is a mixed-use office expected to hold up to 100 employees. Over the next few years, the company is likely to double the number of employees it has in the Bay Area.

“ServiceNow’s entry into Pleasanton and Hacienda both recognizes the importance of the work-life balance of our existing employees, who will benefit from reduced commute times and improved public transportation access, and recognizes the major talent pool that exists in the great East Bay and even further East,” says Teed. “We are very excited by the potential of this new location.”  

ServiceNow was founded in San Diego in 2004. Unlike many technology companies that were started in a garage, ServiceNow came to life over the course of many early meetings in a specific booth at a local Red Robin restaurant. From this humble beginning, the company has grown to more than 70 locations in 28 countries. For more information on ServiceNow, visit www.servicenow.com.