Published November 22, 2017
Volume 1, Number 11

Definitive Networks Provides Proactive, Personalized

Network Solutions

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

The devastating fires that swept through Northern California in October 2017 were a stark reminder that every minute counts during an emergency. Definitive Networks Incorporated (DNI) is a networking engineering company that offers exactly the IT infrastructure, management, and support that fire departments and ambulance companies require to respond to emergencies.
The company’s customers include 14 fire departments in Northern California, three Emergency Operations Centers, three 911 dispatch centers, and an ambulance provider. 
"DNI enables us to focus on saving life and property,” said Alan Evans, Division Chief of the Alameda County Fire Department. “Their commitment to our department and quality of service is exemplary."
Emergency calls are routed by computer to a dispatcher for the appropriate response. First responders need network services that are fast, reliable, and secure. Fire departments, ambulance services, and other security-minded organizations may choose to build and maintain their own network service, but DNI makes outsourcing a compelling choice.
The company has invested millions of dollars in a technology infrastructure with state of the art equipment and 24/7/365 support that are all “optimized to improve 911 response to fire and medical emergencies,” according to David Parnell, who has been DNI’s Chief Operating Officer for 18 years.
Few individual organizations can match DNI’s private-cloud-based system, with built-in software and hardware redundancies and ongoing equipment upgrades. Customers of DNI get the benefit of the most sophisticated technology without the pain of hiring IT employees or buying expensive equipment outright.
DNI’s multi-million dollar investment in hardware, software, and personnel is shared among its fire department customers “so they can get the full benefit without matching our investment dollar for dollar,” notes Parnell. 
Working with DNI, fire departments and ambulance companies are able to reduce the time it takes to arrive on-scene at emergencies, according to Parnell. The company employs a variety of experts, including analysts, network engineers, software developers, and retired firefighters, to ensure that its services are comprehensive and fit-for-purpose.
Not all of DNI’s clients have been emergency services providers. The Davis Street Family Resource Center offers a medical clinic, childcare, and other resources to families in need. The George Mark Children’s House provides high-quality medical transition, respite, and end-of-life care to ill children.
DNI moved to Hacienda in 2008 because “it provided a great base of operations for our clients in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Napa counties,” says Parnell. The Hacienda office, with 12 employees, is DNI’s main location. It also has hosting centers in Sunnyvale and Los Angeles.
For more information about Definitive Networks Incorporated, visit www.dni.net.