Published November 22, 2017
Volume 1, Number 11

LifeSpring Home Care Provides Home-Based

Medical Care and Support

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

The mission of LifeSpring Home Care of Bay Area is to provide patient-centric in-home services to help its clients remain in their homes, near their families, for as long as they choose. This Hacienda company offers two types of services, home health and personal service.

The company’s home health service is intended for homebound individuals who have a physician’s referral and need skilled medical care. Such clients tend to have a chronic illness, an injury, or be in recovery from surgery and need in-home nursing, physical therapy, or similar care from certified medical professionals.

LifeSpring’s personal service offers home support for individuals or families who need assistance with daily living. Those services are tailored to the specific needs of the clients. They may range from meal preparation to housekeeping to transportation to grooming care. While many clients are elderly, anyone who needs assistance with daily living including young children could use LifeSpring’s personal service, according to owner Salil Prasad.

“We provide both skilled and non-skilled care under the same umbrella,” says Prasad. “This ensures continuity of care and better insight into our client's health and conditions and, thus, better coordination of care.”  

Patients often go back and forth between home health care, outpatient care, and hospital stays, according to Prasad. His company can help keep track of a patient’s needs while under care and promptly help in the face of a sudden decline, such as a fall. Moreover,“many of our clinicians are multilingual, making it easier for elderly patients to understand and communicate their health concerns,” he says. Languages spoken by LifeSpring employees include Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Tagalog, and Russian.

The Bay Area is home to many innovations, which can lead to a fast-paced life and a great deal of stress for working couples. LifeSpring Home Care of Bay Area offers relief to busy professionals with ill or frail family members. “The last thing they need is to worry about the well-being of their elderly parents,” says Prasad, who entered this field after he saw how much his mother improved after a stroke with the help of a physical therapist.

“We bring exceptional care to elderly parents,” he says. “Every caregiver is carefully screened and hired ensuring that they treat our clients as they would treat their family members. On the home health side we have nurses, therapists, social workers and MDs specializing in orthopedics and geriatric issues that makes it easier to provide skilled care when need  arises.”

LifeSpring Home Care of Bay Area moved into Hacienda in January 2017 because of its convenient location for staff members and proximity to local medical offices. The company has 23 full- and part-time employees, and hosts an open house on the last Wednesday of each month between noon and 1 pm. Guests are invited to visit the Hacienda office during an open house, meet LifeSpring’s Director of Nursing, ask questions, and learn more about common geriatric issues. Company representatives also speak at various facilities on health topics such as fall prevention and diabetes management.

Write to infoba@lifespringhomecare.com to sign up for information about future events. For more information about LifeSpring Home Care of Bay Area, visit www.lifespringhomecareba.com.