RossMorgan & Associates Makes Small Size Work in Big Ways

RossMorgan & Associates, located at 4309 Hacienda Drive, provides a complete range of marketing services that enables its corporate customers to in effect outsource their marketing department. RossMorgan in turn creatively manages and guides a team of independent marketing professionals to execute its programs. The result is full service at less than agency fees, a recipe that keeps customers coming back.

The company was founded by Len Hack in 1993 as a promotional marketing company, named for his two children. Gary Ramirez joined the company in 2000 to expand the scope of products and services. The current operating model grew out of the transition companies had to make from the boom to bust years. Meetings Hack and Ramirez once attended that might have included 15 to 20 marketing staff became meetings with only a few people, who still needed to deliver at the same level.

"They require a company like ours to basically be an extension of their marketing group, to handle all of the different pieces," says Ramirez. "They can make a 5-minute phone call to us and say we have a project coming up. It's got to go to these 45 different sales reps across the country. Go, take it from here. And they don't have to worry about it. It's off their plate. We take it, put all the pieces together, and make sure everything gets to all the required places on time. We've become an integral part of the clients we work with, where they see us a part of their marketing department."

RossMorgan handles the design, production, and delivery of promotional products and printing; and the warehousing, ordering, and fulfillment for items that are ongoing. Promotional items, corporate gifts, and collateral can be ordered online by customers anywhere in the world and fulfilled by a partner company from a warehouse in Sacramento.

The company's approach has worked well for its clients. RossMorgan locates the best people and manages the projects for them, and they generally don't pay more for the services than if they handled everything themselves, with the additional in-house cost.

"We're working on a project now with a new client who is shipping a new product consisting of a server and components," explains Ramirez. "We're in the midst of designing all the packaging for them. They came to us and said 'We're starting from square one. We need a designer - someone who's flexible, not real expensive. We don't want to work with an agency and pay that fee. We're looking for someone who is maybe is an independent. We put them in touch with our group of people, and we're all working together to see the project to the end."

RossMorgan works with companies of all sizes. Its accounts range in size from companies needing complete marketing department services to others needing just promotional products, printed collateral, or signage for an upcoming event.

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