June Business Bits

  • ZANTAZ, a Hacienda headquartered company which specializes in software solutions that allow for the capturing, preservation, and access of digital information such as e-mail, instant messages, and other electronic records, passed the 1,000 customer mark last month. "As recent headlines support, both government agencies and corporations must be proactive and aggressive in archiving digital content as well as producing that content for legal discovery," says Steve King, president and CEO of ZANTAZ. "With continuing pressure on companies to improve compliance and prepare for litigation while controlling or cutting IT costs, we expect strong continued demand for our products." ZANTAZ currently counts among its customers 11 of the Fortune 25, nine out of the 10 top global law firms, 14 of the top 20 financial institutions, and a number of government agencies.
  • Hacienda's FunMobility, which specializes in providing wireless community and media services, has acquired InfoSpace Media Studios (formerly Moviso), a Los Angeles company which specializes in mobile content and applications. "This acquisition is complementary to FunMobility's strategy of providing end-to-end mobile media solutions to our carrier partners," says Adam Lavine, CEO of FunMobility. "We're also very excited about the InfoSpace Media Studio team, who are veterans of the mobile media industry, and bring a tremendous amount of experience and energy to FunMobility." InfoSpace Media Studios' Los Angeles location will be fully integrated into FunMobility's Hacienda headquarters. With the acquisition, FunMobility has approximately 120 employees between Pleasanton and Los Angeles offices.
  • In response to the stringent engineering specifications demanded by the increased door and window space in homes, Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced a new two-story stacked Steel Strong-Wall solution. Simpson's Steel Strong-Wall is an engineered, pre-manufactured shearwall made from steel and wood with some of the highest load capacities in the industry. "Offering a two-story stacked wall solution now provides specifiers with a complete package for structural design," says Jerry Gridley, product manager for Simpson Strong-Tie. "The two-story solution also led to the idea of connecting walls for balloon framing applications. These new walls can be used for tall, open spaces, such as great rooms, and will allow wall heights to be as high as 20 feet, six inches." Simpson Strong-Tie, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Simpson Manufacturing, is headquartered in Hacienda.
  • Trapeze Networks has introduced a wireless access point based on the new, high throughput 802.11n standard. The Mobility Point 432 (MP-432) will deliver the highest possible performance in the wireless local area network (WLAN) industry, providing data rates six to seven times greater than current-generation access points. "Enterprise customers are eager to deploy 802.11n wireless networks that can deliver higher throughput to support massive volumes of data, voice, and video traffic, but many are concerned that their existing WLAN switching infrastructure cannot handle the increased load," says Jim Vogt, president and CEO of Trapeze Networks. "The MP-432 sets the standard for 802.11n capabilities... providing the only enterprise-class 802.11n solution that runs on existing switching infrastructure."

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