ThinkHR's Flexible Approach Meets Clients' Human Resources Needs

ThinkHR is quickly developing a track record for successfully managing human resources (HR) functions for employers so that they can focus on their core businesses. From its offices at 5976 West Las Positas, Suite 100, the three-year-old company works with employers throughout the Bay Area. Its teams of HR experts serve clients in San Francisco and Oakland as well as in the East and South Bays

"To me, HR means four things: finding the best employees, motivating the best workers, retaining those workers, and protecting the company." says CEO Peter Yozzo. "It's a huge, complicated job. But, the bottom line is this; if you don't understand the importance of taking human resources seriously then you won't build the breakthrough company you envision. And, if you don't take compliance seriously, you are at risk. "Before employers think about hiring one more person to recreate the wheel and wear all the HR hats I mentioned, they should consider outsourcing some or all of those functions," Yozzo adds.

With ThinkHR's flexible approach, businesses get the right level of help they need for all their HR concerns from just a few hours a month of telephone and email support, to total HR outsourcing. Plus, all ThinkHR outsourcing clients also have access to ThinkHR's proprietary HR tools, including best practice for policies and procedures, forms and templates. Though outsourcing is its core business, ThinkHR also offers Human Resources consulting and recruiting. The consulting team handles special requests for projects such as compensation studies, executive review studies, and issue resolution. ThinkHR recruiters conduct searches and manage the selection process on a contract basis.

"We deliver strategic, legal, tactical, compliance and administrative know-how - all at an affordable, blended rate," explains Yozzo. "Employers can choose the services they need, whether it is their own day-to-day HR representative or senior advice and counsel. "Our clients are our best salespeople and often say they appreciate ThinkHR's ability to offer access to multiple HR experts across a range of specialty areas who can act as valued advisors to their managers," he adds.

Yozzo also makes a recent addition to the ThinkHR line-up - HR Assist. "We are excited to offer this new outsourcing solution as a low-cost alternative for companies that find they only occasionally need some extra HR support." Unlike most other low-cost outsourcing services that provide only remote access, HR Assist combines periodic onsite assistance with ongoing telephone and email support. ThinkHR currently employs 26 human resources professionals at its Hacienda offices. Expanding rapidly, the firm expects to grow by 100% this year, having grown by 33% in just the first quarter of 2007. For more information, visit .

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