August Business Bits

  • Hacienda's SpectraGenics has received a new, $30 million round of funding from investors including Vivo Ventures and Aisling Capital, and has changed its name to TRIA Beauty. The company's flagship product is the TRIA Personal Laser Hair Removal System, the first hand-held laser for hair removal cleared by the FDA and available for sale directly to consumers in the U.S.

    "The timing and size of this funding confirms our confidence in the opportunity to build a new category in the beauty industry anchored by light-based devices that deliver breakthrough skin care benefits to consumers," says Robert Grove, Ph. D., president and CEO of TRIA Beauty. "Clearly, this is one of the most promising areas in the aesthetic industry and represents a game-changing shift in the accessibility of professional procedures and results for the consumer."

  • IronPlanet, a Hacienda company which offers online auctions for used construction and agricultural equipment, has agreed to provide a new service to assist John Deere dealers in remarketing and selling used equipment inventory. John Deere dealers will be able to sell inventory from their private dealer-to-dealer Web site (, and their public used equipment Web site ( through IronPlanet's online marketplace.

    "IronPlanet has consistently demonstrated their ability to achieve market-leading price performance in the used equipment marketplace, and we're pleased with the convenience and cost efficiencies this partnership offers our dealers," says Michael Gause, division manager, remarketing operations for John Deere. "Their online auctions will generate the best value for John Deere inventory by providing our dealers with a much broader audience for remarketing their equipment."

  • Hacienda's FunMobility, a firm specializing in creating content and communities for mobile phone users, has entered a licensing agreement with SANRIO Ltd. of Japan to use popular SANRIO characters such as Hello Kitty. These characters will be offered to mobile phone users for FunMobility's popular wallpaper applications, among other uses.

    "We are excited that SANRIO Inc. has chosen FunMobility to distribute mobile content. SANRIO has a formidable portfolio targeted toward the growing teen demographics," says Adam Lavine, CEO. "We believe strongly in the power of truly unique and personalized content, we are excited bringing characters like 'Hello Kitty' to our users."

  • Two Hacienda businesses have recently made significant contributions to Axis Community Health, a health and wellness center which offers medical, mental health, addiction counseling and health education services for everyone in the community. Kaiser Permanente awarded Axis a $25,000 grant to cover start-up costs for creating a Clinical Nutrition Department, which will allow the organization to provide nutritional counseling and educational services for patients with complex needs and chronic conditions such as diabetes. Volunteers from Robert Half International recently visited Axis, spending a day converting the yard behind their pediatric clinic into an outdoor break area for the clinic's staff.

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