Javelin Strategy & Research Thriving in Demanding Financial Market

While many companies face challenges during the current economy, Javelin Strategy & Research thrives. Since its inception on July 4, 2002, Javelin has enjoyed consistent year-over-year growth. The company's founder, James Van Dyke, attributes the success to two important factors: serving a real business need and listening carefully to customers in order to deliver value. Coming from within the financial industry with years of experience, managing partner Mary Monahan leads the firm's syndicated research practice and collaborates with Van Dyke on the challenges of managing growth and a long-term vision.

"Currently, Javelin is maintaining steady growth and expanding resources as it makes sense to do so," said Van Dyke. "We continuously assess the value our work brings to clients because I believe that if we keep an intellectually honest account of our business, we make sound decisions and can achieve our goals predictably."

As a primary research firm, Javelin focuses on delivering quantitative and qualitative research to the financial services industry. The company pinpoints dynamic risks and opportunities for its clients through leading-edge reports, custom research, and consulting services. Timely, in-depth coverage of consumer behaviors, industry trends, and emerging technologies has helped establish its research as among the most highly regarded in the industry. Javelin clients include some of the most influential banks, credit unions, card issuers, and financial services technology vendors.

Due to Javelin's timely delivery of relevant, industry-specific findings about financial services, the company receives considerable media attention. Its highly anticipated annual Identity Fraud Survey Report generates thousands of media touch points and reaches an audience in excess of 27.5 million in circulation. During the recent coverage of the Department of Justice's indictment of an international fraud ring, Javelin found itself at the center of it all, providing insightful guidance, facts, and figures to major media outlets - print, radio, and broadcast.

Javelin publishes and sells several studies a month on topics such as alternative payments, green banking, mobile banking, payment provider security, online banking, contactless payments, peer-to-peer services, social lending, identity fraud, account security, and a variety of other reports surrounding emerging financial trends and topics. Access to Javelin's suite of services includes subscriptions to syndicated reports, custom research projects, and strategic consulting.

Company president James Van Dyke has been a thought leader in electronic commerce since 1984. He has held a variety of key management positions in strategic planning, market research, product management, market analysis, product and service launches, communications, technology evaluation, alliance and partner management, and distribution channel development with organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. His knowledge and industry experience have been sought after at numerous industry events and even the U.S. House of Representatives.

In addition, Mary Monahan brings over 10 years of successful direct financial services industry experience to the business. Her banking background includes extensive managerial expertise in growth businesses and strategizing and implementing cross-sectional financial plans.

Since the move into offices at 4309 Hacienda Drive in 2006, the company's employee population has risen to 20 and is still expanding. For more information, visit www.javelinstrategy.com .

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