FishNet Security Offers Cyber Protection for Many Industries

Over 5,000 Worldwide Companies, including most of Fortune 500, Depend on Firm's Expertise

Information security is becoming increasingly critical for every type of business today. Can a retailer's customers be confident that their credit card numbers will not fall into the wrong hands? Can the network verify the identity of the person accessing a patient's medical records and confirm that he has the authority to open the files? Can a stranger "tailgate" into the workplace, slipping in behind the employee who just swiped her badge to open the door?

By providing the solutions to these and countless other vulnerabilities, FishNet Security has become "the largest independently owned information security solutions provider in North America," according to Michelle Torrey, Vice President of Western Region Sales. Since its founding in Kansas City in 1996, the company has built up a base of more than 5,000 customers across the globe, including most of the Fortune 500. A network of nearly 30 offices, one of which is overseas, in London, generates revenue of more than $500 million per year.

In September, that performance earned the new Hacienda tenant a spot on the UBM Channel's 2012 CRN Fast Growth 100 list. The list, released annually, features "the fastest-growing solution providers in the technology industry based on two years' growth of net sales from 2009 to 2011."

FishNet Security's industry expertise is concentrated primarily in nine areas: energy and utilities, entertainment and gaming, financial services, government, healthcare, high-tech, hospitality, telecom, and retail. Each of these vertical markets has its own specific challenges, many of which relate to operating in strict regulatory environments.

For example, financial services providers with a large Internet presence run a vast array of applications, from online banking to full investment portfolio management, all available 24/7. "The amount of personal information that is transmitted and processed on a daily basis is staggering, and new threats and vulnerabilities are announced every day," notes Torrey.

Utilities comprise another sector with a critical need for protection. The nation's energy infrastructure is subject to "ever-growing security threats from criminal organizations as well as state-sponsored cyber armies from around the world." Similarly, technology manufacturers find themselves the targets of cybercriminals who are constantly trying to gain access to valuable proprietary information by circumventing networks.

The list of risks only continues to grow. FishNet Security's portfolio of technologies and services are specifically positioned to help all organizations needing data protection to surpass their compliance minimums and implement controls that greatly improve information security.

"We enable our clients to manage risk, meet compliance requirements, and reduce costs while maximizing security effectiveness and operational efficiency," Torrey says.

Solutions include network and application firewalls, mobile security, network threat detection and protection, cloud security, intrusion prevention systems, anti-virus gateways, URL content filtering, security information event monitoring, secure file transfers, network access controls, malware detection and prevention measures, identity and access management, IP access management, and vulnerability scanning.

The company's Hacienda office, which opened in June, counts approximately a dozen employees, including account executives, a vendor relations specialist, and a territory director. "Our new office provides a superb centralized location to serve Bay Area clients in business and government," remarks Torrey.

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