April Business Bits

  • Hacienda's Tectura, a global IT consulting firm, has strengthened its product offerings for the automotive and heavy equipment industry in the Asia/Pacific market by expanding its relationship with Annata, a maker of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

    "Annata IDMS (Integrated Database Management System) is a robust solution that will complement and add real depth to our existing portfolio of product offerings and solutions for the automotive and heavy equipment industry in the APAC region," said Neill Hills-Johnes, Tectura Executive Vice President. "Annata is a perfect addition to our rapidly expanding business. Our extended relationship with Annata will immediately offer real value to the automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers in APAC."

    "Tectura has been an Annata certified partner since 2010, initially as a regional certified reseller in North America," said Johann Jonsson, Annata CEO. "With Tectura expanding their relationship with Annata into APAC, we see new opportunities in supporting our fastest growing markets, and to support larger regional and global projects.

    "Annata IDMS is used by local, regional and global businesses on five continents with approximately 35,000 users sold to clients ranging in size from 20 to 5,000 users. It is available in 15 languages, with five more being introduced this year.

  • Oracle, which occupies over 370,000 square feet in Hacienda, has been recognized by the San Francisco Business Times as the largest software company in the Bay Area, based on its 2012 fiscal revenue of over $37 billion. Also on the list is Veeva Systems, the Hacienda-based developer of cloud-based business solutions for the global life sciences industry. The company's 2012 fiscal revenue of $120 million earned it the 24th spot on the list.
  • Adept Technology was the runner-up to Tesla Motors in the Advanced Manufacturing category of the East Bay Economic Development Alliance's East Bay Innovation Awards. The company, headquartered in Hacienda, was recognized for their effort to give sight to robots and to bring mobile robot technology to commercial applications. "These are very smart, very sophisticated robots," Adept president and CEO John Dulchinos said. "We're putting them in warehouses and clean rooms, hospitals and office buildings. They're much faster than people and more consistent, and robots have gotten smarter, cheaper, and more capable than ever before."

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