Accuvant World Leader in Information Protection

The world's best hackers and most virulent computer viruses are rendered powerless when up against the employees at Accuvant.

Accuvant offers a full spectrum of products, services and support to protect the information and privacy of businesses and their clients.

"We are providing security solutions to secure data and information to support each client's business initiatives and maintain their security and compliance (standards)," said Peter Namauleg, Accuvant's Northern California regional director.

"Accuvant is considered to be the authoritative source for information security," he said. "We deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions and services for businesses to successfully plan, build and operate their security systems and programs."

The Denver-based company, founded in 2002, constantly researches the types of security attacks happening in the world and how to prevent those attacks.

"We have the largest security research team in the world," Namauleg said. "We research products and the types of attacks that are prevalent, as well as those that are potential concerns. We look at it from a global basis."

The company uses that intelligence to guide customers on the best types of solutions and approaches they should put in place to secure their information.

"We combine both the best in technical products from our manufacturing partners - Juniper, McAfee, Symantec, Imperva, Palo Alto Networks, to name a few - with Accuvant's expert consulting and implementation services," he said. "We provide solutions from different vendor partners that we have relationships with who deliver security products, such as those in intrusion prevention systems, anti-virus and firewalls.

"We sell products to clients specifically to secure their business, as well as services to implement those solutions and consulting services to deliver on both compliance requirements and protect the clients where they're most vulnerable to potential security issues, such as being hacked or having malware within their environment."

Accuvant opened its Pleasanton office in November 2013 to replace the Redwood City office that had been their home since 2004. Hacienda gives the company a location centrally located to serve its many clients, including 48 of the Fortune 1000 companies headquartered in Northern California.

"It's a great environment and a wonderful location," Namauleg said. "We have a lot of customers in the area, so it's a very favorable location for us."

Accuvant has grown in just 12 years to have 36 offices in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia with more than 500 employees, 15 of them in Hacienda.

Accuvant's customers run the gamut from large to small companies, both private and public. The recent holiday security breach at Target is a prime example of why a company would need Accuvant's services.

"If somebody's not using a service like this today, just look at what's happening outside your door," Namauleg said. "What do you see? There's the Target issue where they lost more than 40 million records and client information was compromised. In order to make sure a business' assets are comprehensively protected, they absolutely need solutions Accuvant can provide. If not, are you the next highlight news of the day?"

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Photo: Account Manager Chris Ito, with a few of Accuvant's awards.

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