Cameo's CloudBlu Improves Business Communications

Cameo Global delivers the ease of cloud services to any company or entity worldwide that needs business communications.

The company's new CloudBlu system, launched in late 2014, puts Cameo Global on the cutting edge of providing the best business communications solutions at the most competitive price.

"CloudBlu is an alternative to traditional premises-based telecommunications implementations," Benjamin R. Stockton, chairman of Cameo Global, Inc., explained. "Cameo Global has developed the expertise and made the investments to establish an advanced collaboration platform entirely in the cloud. This enables us to offer a new mode of consumption to our customers to pay by the month and escape the complexity of project implementation on their own premises while frequently gaining financial benefits for their own firm."

The financial benefits come in the form of avoiding capital expense for equipment. Instead, companies sign up for communications services for a monthly rate.

"That's a big advantage for a lot of companies," Stockton said. "The cloud model enables our customers to avoid capital expenditures on large infrastructure expenses while also being able to utilize the most advanced communications solutions available."

Companies must still have some equipment, such as telephones, and the right type of Cisco infrastructure.

"The major components of the system are hosted in our centers and delivered as a cloud application over network connections," he said. "(We are) able to provide our premier products at a price point that is unmatched in the industry. And that solution set is among the most advanced contact center and business communications products available, powered by technology from Cisco systems."

Cameo Global started in the East Bay in 1993 as STS International and moved to Hacienda in August 2013. The company acquired two other firms before buying Cameo Solutions, Inc., in Cincinnati, Ohio, in April 2014. The new, larger company took on the new name to describe the firm's global reach.

"The motive for the acquisition was to build momentum behind a business that we had already started in contact centers and business communications solutions," Stockton noted. "We have established a strategy to achieve high levels of organic growth and achieve that growth by making strategic acquisitions."

The company provides three main services - contact center solutions, advanced business communications solutions and professional services for information technology. Its main customers are large businesses, government agencies and education.

"The modern contact center is how businesses take care of their customers," he said. "It's a customer service center that receives telephone calls and emails and tweets and even text messages and routes those messages or calls to an agent who can take care of the customer's question."

The advanced business communications solutions are for "any size business, wherever in the world they want to do business," he said. "The primary mode of business communications has evolved to be telephone, voice calls. But we also supply video teleconferencing and unified communications applications. These might be things like integration between your email and your voicemail. Or a private instant messaging applications for your employees' computer desktops. There are many others."

The company's enterprise-class professional services for information technology provide "a worldwide network of engineers and technicians who are ready and able to help our customers select, deploy and support information technology, which could include desktop computers, data centers, contact centers, business communications systems and networks."

Cameo Global can provide anything a company needs for communications, both for employees and customers. The growing company operates in 14 countries and more than half the United States with four data centers in the U.S. and the European Union.

"Cameo Global is one of very few firms in the world that is able to offer an advanced contact center or business communications system entirely in the cloud," Stockton said proudly. "This solution set enables our customers to communicate worldwide at some of the best price points in the industry.

"We here at Cameo Global expect to continue to be among the few prominent providers of advanced business communications solutions, and through our CloudBlu offering, we expect to achieve some of the highest growth rates in the industry over the next 18 months."

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Photo: STS International Inc. merges with Cameo Solutions to form Cameo Global, Inc. Pictured from left to right Benjamin Stockton, Kish Jha, Greg Paulson, Mark Handermann, Philippe Verhees, Kelley Stockton, and Beri B.Kasper. (Photo courtesy of Cameo Global)

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