TriNet Manages HR to Benefit Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Solution Delivery through Cloud & Personal Touch

Companies that want to focus on improving their business can turn to TriNet to manage their multiple human resources responsibilities.

The San Leandro-based company is an industry leader in providing human resource solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.

"We basically become the human resources department for our small and medium-sized business customers," Steve Apfelberg, vice president of marketing, said. "We're focused on human resources, and we tackle a broad set of issues that fall under that umbrella. We deliver our solution through a combination of cloud software and people services."

While TriNet has many competitors, Apfelberg firmly believes his company's people services set them apart from the crowd.

"Our software is good, but sometimes you need to talk to a person," he said. "We have actual people who are experts in all these areas. That's a big differentiator for us. We're in tight with our customers around their HR needs."

In addition to its personal touch, TriNet has other key factors that make it stand out in its field.

"We're the only company that does what we do that has multiple product lines," Apfelberg said. "The needs of a small business that's in the tech industry - their needs around hiring and human resources - are different from a small restaurant chain. We have distinct product lines that are well defined to the distinct needs of small and medium-sized businesses in different industries."

TriNet's sheer size as an industry leader helps it provide economies of scale that benefit customers.

"One of the reasons that companies turn to us is because they don't want to spend a disproportionate amount of their time on human resources," he said. "They want to spend more time focused on their business. They're looking for scale. They're trying to offer their employees the kind of benefits that big companies have."

The company's nearly three decades of experience also helps it stay ahead of the competition.

"We're able to innovate and develop extensions to our offerings," Apfelberg said. "TriNet developed a number of new cloud products to allow our customers to further improve productivity. We're innovative and can afford to continue to broaden what we offer to the marketplace more than most of our competition can."

TriNet was founded 27 years ago in San Leandro and now has more than 50 locations around the country. One of its newest locations is in Hacienda, where the company is eager to tap into the rich job market to better serve customers.

"That's such a strategic location for us because we have existing employees and clients in the nearby area," he said. "It's also a good place for the hiring that we need to do. We are strengthening our technology offering, and there's a good pool of candidates in the Pleasanton area for the jobs for which we're hiring."

The company, which went public last March, remains dedicated to managing the many aspects of human resources and giving clients time to focus on what they do best - running their businesses.

"We're a partner to our customers to help them focus their time on the tasks that build their businesses," Apfelberg said. "We're very laser focused on what we do. The great thing about the American economy is there are a lot of small and medium-sized businesses. There are still businesses that don't know about TriNet. We work hard on business strategies to try to get TriNet out to as many businesses as can benefit from us."

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