HealthSpring Chiropractic's Growth Sees Additions in Personnel, Services

It has been over four-and-a-half years since HealthSpring Chiropractic first opened its doors in Hacienda, and the holistic healthcare center has grown both in size and services since that time. Founded by Kelley Peterson, D.C. in late 2011, HealthSpring Chiropractic now also offers the services of a second chiropractor, Bryan Ignacio, D.C., M.S., as well as massage therapist Nicole Repetto.

"When it comes to chiropractic care, we offer not just the spinal manipulations but functional movement screening to pinpoint where the dysfunctional problem may be occurring - whether it's something they're doing at work, they're doing on the weekend, walking and running, things like that," Dr. Ignacio says. "We do a bunch of soft tissue techniques now - they have something called Graston which is a fascia-release type system. That's a tool, basically, to break up adhesions within muscle and fascia layers to improve mobility."

Dr. Ignacio is also enthusiastic about the addition of Repetto to the center, and the ability of the doctors to coordinate with her to improve patient outcomes.

"When it's a shared patient, assuming the patient gives us permission, we can discuss what we found so we can really hone in the focus on what's going on," he says. "Let's say a person comes in for massage therapy. If they keep coming in with the same thing, Nicole may say, I would like you to talk to our doctor, and then I may be able to recommend a little corrective exercise that they can do that can actually keep the muscles looser after the massage. That way, we can tailor care specific to the patient."

Dr. Ignacio, who holds an M.S. in applied clinical nutrition, also provides a variety of nutrition-oriented services. "One is what we call a clinical nutritional evaluation," he says. "Let's say someone has rheumatoid arthritis or another diagnosed pathology that is typically being treated with medication. Can you improve or modify some components within nutrition that can actually complement the drugs that are being used so the patient gets even more effect in terms of satisfaction and reduction of symptoms? We offer that. We also do general nutrition counseling, which includes things like how to read a food label going to the market."

The center's staff are also available for educational seminars on various topics related to health and nutrition. "Several times in the last year I've done a seminar on core stability at a local corporate headquarters," Dr. Ignacio says. "It covers what workers can do while at work to prevent lower back pain via strengthening their core. We can also do ergonomic talks, which covers topics like what they can do sitting at their desks to reduce stress and what are the little things that they can do while working that can prevent injuries. We've also done talks on food intolerances."

For more information on HealthSpring Chiropractic, access the center's web site at or call (925) 225-0500. HealthSpring Chiropractic is in the Stoneridge Business Center at 5673 W. Las Positas Boulevard, Suite 215.

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