Golden Gate SEO Holds Keys to Optimizing Your Website

It is safe to say that search engine optimization might never be a topic at a cocktail party, but for those in the technology industry or for anyone who has a website, it is one of the hottest topics around.

It is also safe to say that if you have a business, you have a website and to reach your customers, you need search engine optimization (SEO). No website ranks on Google without SEO, and no digital marketing campaign is successful without an SEO component.

Golden Gate SEO in Hacienda is an emerging force in internet marketing and SEO. Matthew Kellogg, the owner, has been working in digital marketing and SEO for four years and in that time has helped numerous businesses reach and exceed their goals. His client list runs the gamut of professions and industries, from professional services like attorneys, surgeons, dentists, plumbers, roofers and solar businesses to software technology and IT service companies and staffing companies, as well as manufacturing and distribution companies.

The objective for digital marketers is to get their client's website seen by people who will then turn into customers, and that is where Golden Gate SEO plays such a vital role in the success of a business or marketing effort. When someone searches for what you are selling, the work of SEO is to get your website to appear as high as possible on the pages of search engines like Google or Bing.

Like everything associated with the technology field, change is a constant and SEO has experienced an ongoing and fundamental evolution over the past few years. Professionals in the field have to keep up with not only the changes in platform technology but how people use the internet and how a business needs to adapt to those changes to succeed.

"Because we live in a mobile world, it is very important that a business's website be optimized for mobile devices," says Kellogg.

Kellogg points out that 220 million people have smartphones in the US alone, giving them unlimited buying power through the internet on their phones. Because of this, consumers are extremely empowered and are constantly searching for services and products every day, with 85 percent of consumers first doing an internet search before making a buying decision.

"For the first time, more internet searches happen on mobile devices, 60 percent, than happen on laptops or desktops, 40 percent, and that percent is increasing year by year," says Kellogg.

At Golden Gate SEO, social media and video marketing strategies play a huge role in the marketing efforts they produce for clients, but it is the SEO work that can make a difference in a business succeeding or not. For one of their customers, a dentist in the Bay Area, it has been remarkable.

"Before I began to work on their project, they were not getting any organic website traffic or prospective clients visiting their website. After six months of SEO, their website ranks number one in Google for the top five dentist keywords we targeted, and in the past two months, their business has got 30 new clients, which is 15 more clients each month than they were getting before."

"The dentist called me recently and said they have so many phone calls, they have to turn clients away and they are now exploring how to expand and open up another location," says Kellogg.

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