One Risk Group Puts Clients and Employees First

One of the most important decisions a business makes is to obtain insurance. From day one, business are exposed to risk, and one wrong turn could have serious consequences before it even has a chance to get off the ground.

One Risk Group is a progressive financial services company that provides a breadth of offerings with three divisions that cover a wide range of insurance needs from commercial, to life insurance and financial management, and personal insurance. Since it was founded in 2009, the commercial insurance brokerage has grown steadily. Currently, their office in Hacienda has more than 30 employees.

As a retail property/casualty brokerage with several insurance and risk management products, One Risk Group works with mid-sized and large employers to develop a customized strategic plan for minimizing exposure and protecting assets.

Their single source approach centers on the client and as the insurance consumer has changed, so has One Risk Group. They understand the single most critical touch point between a customer and an insurance broker is the quality of advice and guidance provided and by connecting more deeply with their customers and prospects; One Risk Group delivers ongoing value.

The digital era has transformed how consumers use insurance services. One Risk Group understands that clients have complex personal and business insurance needs and being available for direct consultation is important but for many of their clients, online services and quoting is crucial.

"Online services have had a positive impact on our ability to service our customers and further develop/expand our offerings to clients on a more efficient and cost-effective basis. Many of the administrative tools we utilize are cloud based and as such eliminate the need for storage of servers and the requirement to upgrade capital equipment," says Jon Turner, President, and CEO of One Risk Group.

With its "eleven/one" value proposition, their mission is to put client and employee satisfaction at the top of the list, and that gives them a competitive advantage. Eleven core values drive the One Risk Group and are observed on a daily basis, and include: integrity, citizenship, fun and honesty.

"We were one of the insurance agency pioneers and the first start-up firm to implement a cloud-based platform, EPIC, that we utilize for the overall management of the firm," adds Turner.

As the insurance industry evolves, so does One Risk Group. One Risk Group notes a few trends that may affect all businesses. They see more emphasis on non-traditional insurance products that are centered around information management, protection of that information and privacy issues. More clients are asking about new kinds coverage, such as cyber liability/cyber security and media liability.

Always with an eye toward putting client and employee satisfaction first, One Risk Group chose their office in Hacienda with a purpose. They felt the location added value because it provides easy access for both their clients and a highly skilled workforce.

"We selected the Pleasanton area and specifically the Hacienda Business Park mainly because of the ease of getting to all of the major cities in the Bay Area. Additionally, we are able to draw employees from a much wider geographic area and our location allows for many transportation options for employees that commute. Having BART so close to our office works well for visitors coming to the East Bay from San Francisco. We also believe there are great networking opportunities available with local, regional, and national companies and we need to do a better job of leveraging those relationships," said Turner.

For large and small businesses, One Risk Group has a policy that will fit every business's needs. For more information, visit their website .

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