Hacienda at Your Fingertips

With over 680 businesses occupying over 7 million square feet and an additional 5,600 residents on its 875 acres, Hacienda is the largest mixed-use development of its kind in Northern California. Hacienda is a hub of activity with a number of new companies arriving and new projects in the works. Fortunately, there is a great resource that keeps track of everything going on in the park, right at your fingertips: the Hacienda web site at www.hacienda.org.

Hacienda's web site provides you with details on all things Hacienda and one-stop-shopping for the Special Offers programs, including free WHEELS transit passes, as well as discounts to local businesses, Hacienda PULSE news, commute assistance, and information on housing, childcare, recreation, security, and more.

Everything You Want to Know

Anyone visiting www.hacienda.org can access an introduction to the development, including its history; recent press releases and articles about Hacienda; and resources and amenities available to employees, residents, businesses, and owner/investors. You can find everything Hacienda offers its various stakeholders by clicking on the various headings located on the Hacienda home page.

Tools Provide the Answers

The site's core functionality can be accessed by clicking the "About" tab in the upper portion of any page. This allows access to a drop-down menu with many different choices: Introduction, Property Profiles, Project Overview, Special Offers, plus much more!

The Project Overview section is packed with information. Discover Hacienda history by clicking on About tab on Hacienda's home page, and then "Project Overview. The Description section covers details like a Hacienda map, land uses, construction, and valuation. Click on Activity for occupancy, development, and sales news, or check out the Location and Demographic section detailed information grouped by region. Click on Infrastructure for details on the park's robust delivery systems for data and telecommunications, power, and water. The Sustainability link includes information on Hacienda's efficient and sustainable use of resources like air, water, and energy, proper waste recycling and disposal, and green design and operations resources.

Hacienda Online! is the overall heading for the park's various e-newsletters. Registered users can sign up to receive any or all of these Hacienda Online! e-mails automatically. Here is a brief description of each of the park's six e-mail services:

  • HO! PULSE: This monthly newsletter features news from Hacienda businesses, company profiles, interviews with a park executives, the latest on community non-profits and events, Business Bits, and the Hacienda Index for the publicly-traded companies located in the development. www.hacienda.org/ho-pulse/ho-pl-2018

  • HO! Connection: This e-newsletter is the place to find out about the Special Offers program for Hacienda employees and residents. www.hacienda.org/ho-connection/ho-cx-2018

  • HO! Community News: This is your source for information from the local Tri-Valley communities, including listings of special events, fundraisers, and updates from Tri-Valley city offices. www.hacienda.org/ho-community/ho-cn-2018

  • HO! Property Resource: This service provides important information for park owners and their agents about the management of their Hacienda project which outline everything from key rules and regulations applicable to Hacienda properties to assistance programs designed to simplify property management. www.hacienda.org/ho-property/ho-pr-2018

  • HO! Development Update: This bulletin is for you if you would like to know the latest information about Hacienda tenant transactions, occupancy, development, population, demographics, valuation, and related information. www.hacienda.org/ho-development/ho-du-2018

  • HO! Press Releases: Hacienda issues press releases on Hacienda development, absorption, and other newsworthy items and subscribers will receive all of these announcements as they are released. www.hacienda.org/news/press-releases-2018

Each month, Hacienda collects and posts new offerings for our community. A complete listing appears on all the Special Offers pages found under the "About" menu at www.hacienda.org. Hacienda residents and employees are eligible for discounts at both local and regional attractions, sporting events, and special activities. Local discounts include savings for Pier 39, Discovery Kingdom, Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Golden State Warriors. For travels out of the Bay Area, discounts are also available for many popular vacation spots in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Central Valley areas. Whether you'd like to get a reduced admission for Great America, Six Flags, Knott's Berry Farm, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or other theme parks, terrific savings on sporting events, or simply receive special discounts or coupons, Hacienda has an offer that fits the bill. In addition to the attractions noted above, coupons are available for various businesses in Hacienda and surrounding area. You can take advantage of the many discounts these businesses have established especially for people living or working here. Hacienda businesses interested in making a special offer available to the Hacienda community are invited to contact the Hacienda Owners Association at (925) 734-6500 or to submit their offer online using the form in the Special Offers section. Hacienda's Special Offers discounts are routinely distributed through information packages and special promotions and present an excellent opportunity to reach the nearly 25,000 employees and residents who make Hacienda their home.

If you are looking for a detailed breakdown of the characteristics of a particular Hacienda facility, the About menu has another treat for you: the Property Profiles section. This area of the site provides a way to search for park properties by address, project name, or project number, and shows you its location on an interactive park map. For example, if you select "Filter by Address," a new drop-down menu with the street address of nearly 100 properties will appear. Select any of those addresses and the name of the property will be displayed; click on that name and the property will be identified on the map. By clicking on the name of the project in the map display, you can see a list of that facility's tenants, project characteristics, total and available square footage, and contact information for the property manager and broker.

The Business Locator, found under the About tab, also uses a custom map to help you find specific businesses in the park, specific industry segments, or even new tenants. To use it, begin by selecting "Business Locator" from the tools menu, which will present you with a custom search field and the option to filter results by business type or business name, or to search only new park tenants. If you were looking for Simpson Manufacturing, for example, you would simply enter "Simpson" in the search field and hit return. For a broader search, for all the biomedical companies in Hacienda for instance, users can leave the search field blank, filter by "Business Type" in the drop-down menu, and then select "Biomedical" in the new menu that appears. It is all at your fingertips!

The Calendar on the new site provides a comprehensive listing of events taking place both in the park and in the surrounding community. Networking opportunities, art shows, music and theater performances, and meetings of community service and special interest clubs are just some of the items you can find. To access it, simply choose "Calendar" from the News + Events tab and you will see the complete calendar for the current month. You can move forward or backward a month by clicking on the arrows on the left side of the page, alternate between day, week, and month views, and filter events by category: Community; Arts & Entertainment; Sports & Recreation; Education & Training; Associations & Non-Profits; and Travel & Transportation. It's easy to submit items for the calendar as well. Simply click on "Submit Event" on the main Calendar page and fill in the requested information. Once approved by Hacienda staff, it will be added to the main listing.

Even More for Registered Users

While the Hacienda web site is packed with information, even more features and services are available to users who create an account. For example, anyone accessing the Hacienda web site can view a comprehensive listing of the amenities programs available to members of the Hacienda community, but registered users receive access to even more.

Among the most popular Hacienda amenities are a number of commute benefits for both employees and residents. Hacienda's nationally recognized commute programs help make traveling to and from work more efficient, more economical, and more productive, in a manner tailored to your individual needs. To name one sought-after perk, anyone who works or lives in Hacienda is entitled to a free WHEELS Eco pass, which allows free travel on the local transit system. Similarly, those that live or work in the development are eligible for a number of first-time rider programs, which provide a free trip on other nearby rail and bus services. Hacienda also provides information about local transit options and the location of park transit stops, walking and bicycling support services, a free Guaranteed Ride Home when you use a commute alternative, and individual support in planning your commute. Information and applications for all of these benefits are made available to registered users.

Hacienda's amenities programs extend beyond commuting. Hacienda Security provides continuous monitoring of the entire development using both patrols and watches, making officers highly visible deterrents to crime, accidents, vandalism, and malicious mischief. Any time of day and any day of the year, Hacienda Security officers are available to meet the needs of employees, residents, businesses and owners simply by calling (925) 734-6520 or e-mailing requests to security@hacienda.org.

Using the new Hacienda web site, you can also find information on local health care providers, childcare and education, housing opportunities, shopping, and the area's various recreation outlets. Registered users also get access to a host of resources regarding housing, including documents covering affordable housing opportunities for renters, buyers, seniors, and the disabled.

We invite you to create your own Hacienda account to gain access to the many special features on our site. Simply go to www.hacienda.org and select Log In at the top of any page. You will find a grey link underneath the login information where you can create an account. Initiate your account by entering your name and setting up a user name and password. To gain access to special user features available to Hacienda affiliates, scroll down the page and select the box of the type of account you would like to create (Employee, Resident, Business, Owner, Vendor) and select the blue Submit button. Complete the details on the following page related to the type of account you are creating and select the blue Complete Registration button. Once submitted, your account will be verified and a confirming e-mail sent indicating that your account has been activated. Once activated, you will have complete access to all of the special features available to your account type.

Ask Us for Assistance

We think you will find our web site to be a valuable resource. If you need assistance using our site or have questions, please feel free to contact us using the information available through the 'Contact' link found on any page on our site and let us know what we can do to help.

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