Published December 19, 2006
Volume 14, Number 12

Huntington Learning Center Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Group Takes Individual Approach to Supplemental Education

By Barbara Lewis
Special to NETWORK

Eager anticipation is in the air at Huntington Learning Center in Gateway Square as it prepares to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of its Pleasanton location. The Center will host an Open House on Saturday, February 3, 2007, from 12 noon to 3:00 p.m. The public as well as current students and parents are invited to enjoy tours, refreshments, a story time for young children and hourly prize drawings.

Huntington Learning Center assists students from kindergarten through high school in building the basic skills they need to be successful in school. Three full-time staff and 20 part-time certified teachers provide supplemental instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, phonics, and related areas. Children in grades kindergarten-third grade and those with specific needs receive one-on-one instruction while older students learn in groups of four with one or two teachers. Between 70 and 90 students are enrolled at the Center at any given time.

“Each new student undergoes a diagnostic evaluation and, based on that, we design a program specifically for that student,” says owner Cherielyn Ferguson. “While providing that individualized instruction, we get to know each student as a whole person in a positive, supportive way. Our facility is small enough so that communication flows freely and teachers and students all know one another. We also have frequent contact with parents about their child’s progress and meet with them monthly.”

“We work as partners with the schools so that each student has the best education possible,” adds Center Director Kirsha Zupetz. “We interact with principals, counselors and teachers and attend IEP (Individual Education Plan) and SST (Student Success Team) meetings. We’re also available to present study skills and other education-related workshops in cooperation with school parent groups.”

In addition to regular academic instruction, Huntington Learning Center offers year-round SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) preparation. The instruction is one-on-one and is based on a comprehensive analysis of the student’s practice test, addressing the specific areas that the student may need to strengthen in preparation for the SAT.

Founded in 1977 by Ray and Eileen Huntington In Oradell, New Jersey, Huntington Learning Center is the oldest national provider of supplemental education services in America. Its one location has now grown to more than 300 nationwide. The Center in Hacienda Park is open seven days a week. Instruction times are 3-8 pm, Monday-Thursday; 3-6 pm, Friday; 9 am-12 noon on Saturday and 12 noon-2 pm on Sunday. The business office opens at 9 am, Monday-Thursday and 10 am on Friday.

“Our teachers are here because they love it,” concludes Managing Director Molly Topf. “As we prepare to celebrate our anniversary, we’re especially proud of Meighan Eberly who also teaches at Creekside Middle School in Castro Valley. Meighan was recently named one of ten Educators of the Year by the California League of Middle Schools.”

More information about Huntington Learning Center is available for parents and teachers at (925) 463-2334.


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