January Business Bits

  • Hacienda's IronPlanet, the third-largest auctioneer of heavy equipment in North America, sold over $11 million of trucks and equipment during its December 14th online auction, a record sum for the company. Over 8,000 bidders from the U.S. and 22 other countries attended the auction, which featured over 450 lots. "It was a record-breaking sale to complete a record-breaking month, quarter and year," says Rob Alleger, IronPlanet's CEO. The company's gross auction sales for December totaled over $20 million.
  • FunMobility, a Hacienda company which creates new multimedia uses for mobile phones, has launched "Rate It," a feature which allows users of the company's America's Best Mobile Pix (APIX) service to comment and rate new theatrical movie releases. "The new movie rating feature gives APIX community members a new topic for social interaction," says FunMobility vice president of Products and Strategy Eric Allen. "APIX is maturing to the point where people use the application for shared experiences. Rate It leverages the collective opinion of the community, giving APIX members anytime, anywhere feedback to help decide what movie they want to attend."
  • WANdisco's Concurrent Versions System (CVS) has been selected by O2Micro International Limited, a supplier of power management and security components and systems, to support their globally-distributed development efforts and to meet Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations. WANdisco's CVS allows software developers in different locations to synchronize their work in real-time. "The fact that WANdisco can address regulatory requirements imposed by SOX which are starting to impact software development organizations and intellectual property protection made a big difference for O2Micro," said Steve Krems, Information Technology director at O2Micro. "With this implementation, we anticipate network performance improvement, and a reduction in development cycle time and risk of valuable intellectual property losses."

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