Visioneer Announces New Products, Partnerships

New "OneTouch with VRS Technology" the Focus of PartnerVision 2007 Conference

Murray Dennis, president and CEO of Visioneer, in the company's Solution Center on Gibraltar Drive.

Today, as this edition of the Hacienda Network is being delivered to its neighboring businesses in Pleasanton, Visioneer executives are announcing significant new business partnerships and an innovative new product line at the company's PartnerVision 2007 conference in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Most importantly, Visioneer will be announcing a partnership with Kofax Image Products and will launch the "OneTouch(R) with VRS(R) technology" integrated software solution. OneTouch with VRS combines the best of Visioneer's OneTouch scanning with the superior image quality achieved with Kofax VRS (Virtual ReScan) technology that results in scanned images that are of the best quality possible in one step.

Visioneer is also introducing two new scanners, a production scanner rated at 100 images per minute and a mobile scanner, both of which are integrated with Kofax' VRS technology. Visioneer's full array of products ranges from simple workgroup scanners (10-25 images per minute) to a top-of-the line machine that scans to 100 images per minute.

"In addition, we've extended our signature OneTouch(TM) architecture across our entire product line. Whether a model costs $200 or $5,000, one touch of a button scans the image, cleans it up and sends it to the appropriate application," says Visioneer President and CEO Murray Dennis.

Visioneer also unveiled its OneTouch(TM) Tool Kit, which allows third party software developers to write more link destinations from OneTouch(TM), including Microsoft SharePoint and other products that will be announced soon.

When Visioneer acquired JFL Peripherals last August, its engineering team expanded from three persons to 12, including Jon Harju, who is known as one of the industry's foremost experts in scanning driver technology. "Jon's expertise and reputation have enabled us to sharpen our focus toward enhancing the OneTouch(TM) software, to build our relationships with Kofax and to assume a technology lead in document imaging," adds Dennis.

Though Visioneer's business has shifted nearly 180 degrees from retail photo-centric products to commercial business products, the top three criteria, ease-of-use, ease-of-use and ease-of-use have driven its success as its market shifted.

Visioneer's products are used extensively in the federal government, healthcare, legal and insurance sectors and, according to Dennis, those market segments will grow by 30% through expansion to other industries as compliance requirements evolve.

"This growth is due to three factors," he says. "First is the need for increased productivity. Second, public companies, healthcare and financial institutions must meet increasing government compliance requirements. Third, ease-of-use again becomes a crucial factor as documents must be scanned at the front desk instead of through offsite imaging vendors.

"We're available locally to support businesses, as they understand both the benefits of document imaging through the single touch of a button and as government requirements dictate archiving and retrieving customer records," concludes Dennis. "We invite the Tri-Valley business community to come to our Solution Center, see our products and experience a demonstration of our technologies."

Products are available for purchase at , at various e-tailers such as Office Max, etc., and through local Value Added Resellers.

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