Lumos Keeps Companies on the Cutting Edge

Companies must stay one step ahead of competitors to remain vital in today's competitive marketplace.

The engineers at Lumos Consulting train employees so that companies can take advantage of cutting-edge technology in order to be the best in their industries.

"We specialize in the training of data center technologies," Cuong Tran, Lumos president, explained. "When new technology comes out, we keep ourselves ahead of that game and learn the newest technologies. Then we disseminate the information to our customers and train them on how to use this new technology with their existing systems."

While the majority of Lumos' work is in training and consulting, the engineers will also help set up and manage data centers if the customer needs that service.

"We also help our clients in implementation," Tran said. "We go into their data centers and configure everything for them to get them up and running."

Tran previously managed the data center business unit of Cisco, so he and the other three engineers on staff have strong ties within the technology community. They often know about new hardware and software long before it hits the market.

"I work with a lot of the leading technology companies," Tran noted. "I'm embedded with vendors who are in leading positions. I am typically integral in the testing and the development phases of the new technology with them."

Companies call on Lumos to train their staff so that the new technology they purchase can be used to the best of its ability.

"We hand-hold our clients and provide them with an insurance," he said. "We walk them through it and make sure everything goes well."

Lumos is based in Hacienda, but the engineers travel throughout the United States, Europe and Asia to work with clients and companies.

"You want all of these different (technology) systems to talk to each other," he said. "We'll configure the integration of the new technology into their existing structure. When you do upgrades or installations, you could damage your applications or data. That's one reason why customers are using our services to make sure those upgrades and installations go well."

Lumos is a small company that focuses on what Tran calls bleeding-edge technology. That's technology that so cutting-edge that it is several steps ahead of leading-edge technology.

"Leading edge is what customers use in the field," he explained "It's more stable, has been thoroughly tested and out there for awhile. Bleeding edge is 'Hey, that's really good, but we want to try something really, really new.' The whole goal is to automate everything and make it really simple."

"We want to be known as the company that is technical, result-driven and detail-oriented, yet approachable and friendly," he added. "We specialize in technology with the human touch."

Lumos typically trains a few key information technology people within a company, then those key employees spread their newfound knowledge throughout the company.

"Our goal is to help our clients be more productive and realize success in tackling anyand every issue that may arise," Tran said.

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Photo: Director of Business Development, TuAnh Nguyen, with Lumos Consulting

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