Plex Targets Technology for Manufacturers

Real Time Monitoring of All Aspects of Manufacturing Business

The bold new world of cloud technology is now open to manufacturing firms that have long relied on antiquated software or even whiteboards and notebooks for managing their companies.

Plex Systems offers software specifically created for manufacturers to manage production from start to finish.

"We offer solutions for running manufacturing companies in the cloud," Andrew McCarthy, vice president of communications, explained. "Manufacturing companies have production lines where they're turning raw materials into finished product. We help them automate that entire process from supplier to customer."

Plex offers software specifically created for the unique needs of manufacturers. The fact that it's offered in the cloud, a sort of virtual hard drive, means customers get the latest and greatest innovations without having to update computer components.

"Traditionally, business software required a lot of customized code in order to fit specific businesses needs," McCarthy said. "If you were making a diesel engine, you'd have to work with your (information technology) people or an outside consulting firm to write code that's specific to your business."

The Troy, Michigan-based Plex, with offices in Hacienda, simplifies that process by offering one solution that can be targeted to fit any company's needs.

"We have a single solution that can be configured and adapted to meet the needs of the unique business," McCarthy said. "Just as you can configure your settings in Facebook or your preferences in Amazon or any other consumer-style website, we make it possible for companies to configure Plex to fit their business."

That means companies can pick and choose the various aspects of Plex they may need, everything from ordering raw materials to stamping metal or mixing ice cream ingredients or even managing customer relationships and human resources.

"What's really unique about what we do is that historically, enterprise software has worked in the back office," McCarthy noted. "We've gone a significant step further to go down to where things are being made in the factory and connecting all of those activities back into the cloud. On any given day, an executive can not only know how a company is doing from a financial and accounting standpoint, but how they're doing with making and delivering that product to customers."

Hundreds of companies, from large Fortune 500 firms to small food and beverage manufacturers, have turned to Plex to manage their companies.

"Configurability allows us to adapt that singular solution to all these different kinds of businesses," McCarthy said. "Every time we add or innovate the core solution, all of our customers get access to that innovation."

Plex focuses solely on manufacturers because the founders saw that as a massive market not currently being served with the latest technology.

"We're taking that proven cloud approach and applying it to an area of industry that's been underserved for decades," McCarthy said. "You have the cost benefits and the agility that you get with a cloud solution. It's going to cost you less to get up and running, and it's going to be easier to adapt and change as your company changes. Now, the CFO can look at what's going on on the shop floor in real time and understand the ingredients of their performance."

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Photo: Plex Systems, Andrew McCarthy Vice President of Communications, new world of cloud technology for manufacturers.

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