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  • New Roche Test Helps with Infant HIV Diagnosis

    Diagnosing HIV will be easier and more accurate because of a new dual-target HIV-1 test developed by Roche and approved for use in select countries outside this country.

    The test simultaneously amplifies and detects two separate regions of the HIV-1 genome. The unique dual-target design allows for more reliable results to effectively diagnose HIV-1 infection.

    The new test works with both plasma and dried blood spot collection cards to facilitate testing. More importantly, the new test makes sample collection easy, even from the smallest infant in the most rural area. Transportation of the sample for testing is also simplified.

    "The ability to determine the HIV status of an infant as early as six weeks is crucial to determining the appropriate care and support for HIV-positive babies,"Paul Brown, president of Roche Molecular Diagnostics, said. "With this new solution from Roche, we are reiterating our commitment to healthcare solutions that make a real difference for patients."

    Roche is based in Switzerland with Roche Molecular Diagnostics in Hacienda. Read more about the company at

  • JVF Designs Sleek New Website for Local Nonprofit

    A local nonprofit designed to get girls interested in science and math careers got a fantastic new website design, thanks to the creative minds at JVF Consulting.

    JVF, a website design company, created a brand-new website with a clean layout, clear content and easy navigation. The new website streamlines the process for girls to sign up for the annual Tri-Valley Expanding Your Horizons conference.

    "The fresh look and simple registration process allows for an excellent customer experience while creating more time for conference organizers to concentrate on creating the very best conference experience possible," JVF president Jason Franco explained. "Whether they are new to the organization and exploring workshop features or returning to complete their registration or obtain directions, each experience is a smooth and positive one."

    The website makes it easy for supporters of the event to make online donations, volunteer their time and talents or easily share the program with other people. The user-friendly website can be easily maintained by the nonprofit's employees without the need for any technical expertise.

    Learn more about JVF Consulting at Check out Tri-Valley Expanding Your Horizons' new website and learn more about that group at

  • Hanger Device Submitted for Broader Healthcare Coverage

    People whose feet and ankles have been damaged by disease or injury may get better healthcare coverage for an innovative device that helps improve walking.

    Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, with an office in Hacienda, has submitted the results of a trial that show the WalkAide device is equivalent to the current standard of care, the ankle foot orthosis conventional brace. The study shows WalkAide improves gait speed and stroke-related quality of life issues.

    The trial results prove the WalkAide produces statistically significant and clinically relevant improvements in several aspects of functional mobility. Hanger is asking for an oversight committee to consider the WalkAide to be a viable alternative to conventional bracing for people with foot drop. If approved, the device would be covered under Medicare and Medicaid.

    "Achieving equivalence to the standard of care is a fundamental cornerstone to proving the efficacy of a new medical technology," Hanger president and CEO Vinit Asar said. "We believe this innovative technology continues to provide a valuable alternative to fit our patients' individual needs. We have shared the trial results for consideration with the hope of making this technology more accessible to our patients."

    The WalkAide, approved by the FDA in 2005, is an external stimulator that applies electrical pulses to restore proper foot flexion for people who have had a stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy.

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