A Conduit to the Community

Another constant during the 24 years of Hacienda Network's run has been ongoing coverage of the multitude of non-profit and other community organizations in Pleasanton, the Tri-Valley, and the East Bay. In this capacity, Network fulfills an important function as a conduit between Hacienda and the community at large so that Hacienda tenants can be more familiar with community events and initiatives and know where they can take part. A particular pleasure has been taken in featuring those organizations who make the region richer by their presence and in highlighting those occasions when a spirit of generosity has been displayed by a Hacienda affiliate in support of those organizations.

One of the best stories to exemplify the interaction of Hacienda with important movements within the community is Axis Community Health, a community health center that provides medical care as well as mental health and addiction counseling services. Founded in 1972 as the Valley Community Health Center, the organization has long been followed by Hacienda publications, as shown on page three of this 1987 issue of Pleasanton Pathways (www.hacienda.org/assets/uploads/files/files/Pathways/Pathways_011287.pdf).

Hacienda Network was there in 2004 to report that the organization was taking a new name, Axis Community Health, and that it was just about to launch the Tri-Valley Health Collaborative, a partnership of government officials, representatives from school districts, courts, transportation agencies, religious groups, health and human services providers, community leaders, and interested citizens brought together to address key health issues in the Tri-Valley - the first meeting of which was held at Shaklee's Hacienda headquarters (www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2004-02-valley-communicy-health-center).

Similarly, Hacienda Network has profiled the organization on multiple occasions, as can be seen in these stories from 2001 and 2011 (www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2011-10-axis-community-health).

The relationship between Hacienda and Axis became much more firmly linked in 2012 with the news that Axis had purchased a 24,000 square foot facility in the park at 5925 W. Las Positas Boulevard (www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2012-03-axis-health-to-open-in-hacienda). Axis opened its Hacienda location earlier this year (www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2016-03-business-bits).

Of course, this is just one example of Hacienda interfacing with the community. There are many other stories as well. Over the last 24 years, Hacienda Network reported on successful food drives (www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-1997-12-documentum-holiday-food-drive), a CEO dinner benefiting the Pleasanton Partnerships in Education Foundation (www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-1997-11-ppie-popular-with-area-ceos), and countless other efforts.

Hacienda businesses have also been forthcoming with specific donations and support. A 2014 article focused on Simpson Strong-Tie's philanthropy, which included gifts to Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross as well as a company policy of matching employee non-profit contributions up to $1,000 (www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2014-03-philanthrophy-important-to-simpson). In 2000, Network covered a Pacific Bell Wireless donation of 10,000 phones, valued at over $2 million, to schools (www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2000-01-pacific-bell-wireless-donate-phones). These are just a few examples of the generous nature and good corporate citizenship of Hacienda businesses.

Another way that park businesses have benefitted the community is through donations to Hacienda Helping Hands, Hacienda's enterprise for community giving. Past recipients include: Axis Community Health, Alameda County Community Food Bank, La Familia, Tri-Valley Haven, Child Care Links, Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley, Buenas Vidas Youth Ranch, Open Heart Kitchen, Sentinels of Freedom, Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center, and many more. Hacienda Helping Hands fundraising and grants have provided over $150,000 in direct financial contributions to more than 30 deserving organizations. Hacienda Helping Hands was last covered in Network in 2014 (www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2014-01-hacienda-helping-hands-returns), and the organization's 2016 campaign is in full swing. Full details are available on the Hacienda web site (www.hacienda.org/about/about-hacienda-helping-hands).

With an established history of philanthropy, it is safe to say that Hacienda businesses will continue to work with the community, to the benefit of all.

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