A Tribute to Words and Graphics

The last twenty-four years of Hacienda's Network newsletter could not have been possible, in any way, without the ongoing talented contributions of Jay and Krystal Hipps who are the creative team at Words and Graphics. For the entire time that they have devoted their energies to helping Hacienda with the Network publication, they have unceasingly provided a high caliber product that has been a pleasure to present.

All of Hacienda's publications serve a dual purpose. On the one hand, they let the community at large learn more about all of the things that happen within the development. In addition, these publications inform those who live and work in Hacienda about the larger community life that exists in and around the region. The challenge of producing such a publication, month after month and year after year all while keeping the focus and content fresh is no easy feat. Yet the task was ably met by this duo.

Hacienda's publications have always placed a high emphasis on good writing and Jay Hipps has delivered beyond expectation over and over again. Perhaps more importantly, Jay's skill at reporting on a wide variety of topics and making the sometimes challenging language of industry available to the reader has been a key means by which the stories told help provide real information about what is happening in the Hacienda business community. Better still, when it comes to presenting people in an article, particularly in the Executive Profiles, Jay has always demonstrated a wonderful ability to truly see a person, hear what they have to say and then tell their story in a compelling and accessible way.

On the visual side we have Krystal Hipps. Krystal has also repeatedly demonstrated both expertise and mastery at being able to present material graphically so that it is easily understandable. Krystal has been responsible for the design of Network over the years and has always kept the publication visually arresting and easy on the eye. Another of Krystal's great talents is the ability to clearly convey information through imagery. Several instances of this have been on full display in Network and the publication has benefited immensely from this expert presentation of content and ideas.

No one enters into or persists in a long-term relationship where collaboration and communication are so important if there is not something more than just fulfilling the basic task at hand. With Words and Graphics, the production of Network was simply a starting point. Beyond their ability to dedicate themselves professionally on a regular basis, they brought something else to the work and we ended up having a great time getting it done. Consider that there is a certain amount of rigor involved in producing even a monthly publication with all of the attendant coordination and deadlines. No matter the challenge, Jay and Krystal made the job a pleasure and created a working relationship that has been filled with both camaraderie and amusement.

This farewell would be significantly more poignant if it were not for the fact that an archive exists of the over two decades worth of work that has been created. There is still the ability to enjoy the great reporting that has occurred through Network via the posts on Hacienda's web site even as that work is continued with Hacienda Pulse. Network has set an exemplary standard that we look forward to meeting in the months and years to come. Thank you Jay and Krystal for your years of great contributions and for helping to tell Hacienda's story!

Photo: Krystal and Jay Hipps are Words and Graphics

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